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  1. JTAGulator: Assisted discovery of on-chip debug interfaces

    Propeller Spin 148 34 Built by @joegrand @stephengroat @alexmaloteaux @piggybanks
  2. Minimal 6502/Propeller Computer based on Propeddle

    Propeller Spin 27 10 Built by @jacgoudsmit @cbmeeks
  3. FPGA-based emulator to assist with guessing bootloader SD card filenames

    Propeller Spin 23 2 Built by @scanlime
  4. Propeller Spin 14 1 Built by @Technicus @syberphunk @element14tbhs
  5. video drivers for the Parallax P8X32A

    Propeller Spin 12 3 Built by @konimaru
  6. Software-Defined 6502 Computer

    Propeller Spin 12 3 Built by @jacgoudsmit
  7. Parallax Propeller loader supporting both serial and wifi downloads

    Propeller Spin 11 5 Built by @dbetz @jeffam70
  8. SimpleIDE for Propeller

    Propeller Spin 10 9 Built by @jsdenson @PropGit @dbetz @dgately @dcarrier-parallax
  9. ANSI / VT-100 Terminal emulator for Parallax Propeller microcontroller with VGA and USB support

    Propeller Spin 9 1 Built by @maccasoft
  10. Laser Range Finder Module (Parallax #28044)

    Propeller Spin 7 4 Built by @joegrand @reltham
  11. Code for the Defcon 22 badge

    Propeller Spin 7 5 Built by @digital-shokunin @smrk3r @IceMupppet
  12. Propeller 1 design and example files to be run on FPGA boards.

    Propeller Spin 7 11 Built by @jacgoudsmit @andrewsil1 @PropGit @mindrobots @ChipGracey
  13. JAMMA Custom Arcade Project

    Propeller Spin 5 1 Built by @cspang1
  14. DEF CON 22 Proplane Source Code

    Propeller Spin 5 Built by @proplane
  15. Serial Wire Debugger Programmer

    Propeller Spin 5 6 Built by @kwagyeman @iabdalkader
  16. At Solar System Express (Sol-x) we decided to revolutionize the high-level prototyping experience. Our efficient open source software controls all our open source hardware, creating a high level hardware API. The large and open source Object Exchange (OBEX) allows for the easy addition of software functions for the GDB. The GDB rich design capab…

    Propeller Spin 5 2 Built by @SolX2010 @KB3TYV
  17. defcon 22 badge tag game

    Propeller Spin 5 2 Built by @joshcano
  18. The official toolkit for LameStation development

    Propeller Spin 5 4 Built by @bweir @konimaru
  19. An event-driven C++ API for Propeller devices

    Propeller Spin 5 3 Built by @bweir @Gadgetoid
  20. SimpleIDE for iOS

    Propeller Spin 5 3 Built by @MikeW50
  21. Propeller Spin 4 1 Built by @tj963
  22. A propeller powered GPS watch

    Propeller Spin 4 Built by @CountMurphy
  23. VGA and Sid for the W65C816SXB board using a Propeller Micro controller.

    Propeller Spin 4 Built by @alamorobotics
  24. PropForthV5.5 is Forth progamming environment for Parallax Propeller P8X32A microcontroller created by Sal Sanci

    Propeller Spin 4 1 Built by @prof-braino
  25. Lets send a Star Wars Death Star and Alderaan planet model into LEO in time for the release of the Star Wars VIII movie coming out in May 2017.

    Propeller Spin 4 Built by @SolX2010
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