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  1. cmoore4 / phalcon-rest

    A Base project for APIs using the Phalcon framework

    PHP • 9 stars this month • Built by @cmoore4

  2. openstack-infra / system-config

    Puppet • Built by @cboylan @emonty @fungi @jeblair @ajaeger

  3. openshift / puppet-openshift_origin

    Puppet module to create OpenShift Brokers and Nodes. Can be used to create a full OpenShift Origin deployment.

    Puppet • Built by @kraman @sdodson @detiber @nhr @andrewklau

  4. puppetlabs / puppetlabs-passenger

    Puppet Labs Module for Passenger

    Puppet • Built by @glarizza @mhaskel @ghoneycutt @hunner @eshamow

  5. gini / puppet-cassandra

    A Puppet module to install Apache Cassandra from the DataStax distribution

    Puppet • Built by @joschi @dkerwin @philicious @relekang

  6. theforeman / puppet-foreman_proxy

    Puppet module for Foreman Smart Proxy

    Puppet • Built by @domcleal @ekohl @GregSutcliffe @lzap @ares

  7. puppetlabs / puppetlabs-bacula

    Bacula module to manage all components of bacula

    Puppet • Built by @ccaum @jeffmccune @diddi- @dblessing @justinellison

  8. openstack / puppet-cinder

    OpenStack Cinder Puppet Module

    Puppet • Built by @bodepd @mgagne @sbadia @jtopjian @EmilienM

  9. puppet-community / puppet-module-puppetboard

    Puppet module to install and manage puppetboard

    Puppet • Built by @nibalizer @igalic @robinbowes @cmurphy @blkperl

  10. example42 / puppet-php

    A puppet module for php. According to Example42 NextGen spec.

    Puppet • Built by @alvagante @erik-smit @Rican7 @lermit @jimmykane

  11. craigwatson / puppet-vmwaretools

    Puppet module for non-OSP VMware Tools Installation

    Puppet • Built by @craigwatson @keeleysam @jgrumboe @Aethylred @esalberg

  12. redhat-openstack / astapor

    Foreman on Openstack

    Puppet • Built by @jguiditta @cwolferh @jsomara @jistr @gildub

  13. chad-thompson / vagrantpress

    A WordPress Development Environment With Vagrant/Puppet

    Puppet • Built by @battlemidget @chad-thompson @clubdeuce @johnstonian @mschuett

  14. dirkaholic / vagrant-php-dev-box

    Sets up a basic PHP development box using vagrant based on Ubuntu Precise with Nginx, php-fpm, MongoDB, ...

    Puppet • Built by @dirkaholic @jrobeson @falexandrou @gitter-badger

  15. jordansissel / puppet-examples

    A collection of advanced puppet examples

    Puppet • Built by @jordansissel @tabletcorry

  16. blt04 / puppet-rvm

    A puppet module for installing and using RVM (Ruby Version Manager)

    Puppet • Built by @blt04 @brettporter @heffergm @carlossg @fritz

  17. irmantas / symfony2-vagrant

    Symfony2 Vagrant development setup with Nginx, MySQL,PhpMyAdmin, MongoDb and other handfull tools

    Puppet • Built by @irmantas @Ph3nol @nicolas-bastien @mfn @maqnouch

  18. hilverd / vagrant-ubuntu-oracle-xe

    Install Oracle 11g XE in a Vagrant virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.04.

    Puppet • Built by @hilverd @buckett @cwalker67 @rjdkolb @nblair

  19. Aboalarm / devbox

    Vagrant Development Box for PHP/Laravel

    Puppet • Built by @stefanneubig @webbie @gr2m @effenberger @sidneywidmer

  20. elasticdog / puppet-sandbox

    A Vagrant-based Puppet development environment for creating new modules

    Puppet • Built by @elasticdog @sp-guillem-anguera @phinze @patux @jasonwmiller

  21. TryGhost / Ghost-Vagrant

    Vagrant setup for developing Ghost

    Puppet • Built by @ErisDS @jgable @jaswilli @halfdan @cwonrails

  22. MarcelloDuarte / hexagonal-symfony

    Sandbox for experimenting with Cockburn's hexagonal ideas with Symfony2

    Puppet • Built by @MarcelloDuarte @cordoval @michalpipa @tvlooy @liuggio

  23. example42 / puppi

    Puppet module to manage applications deployments and servers local management

    Puppet • Built by @alvagante @k9ert @sathieu @MalteJ @joek

  24. stankevich / puppet-python

    Puppet module for installing and managing Python, pip, virtualenvs and Gunicorn virtual hosts.

    Puppet • Built by @shivapoudel @stankevich @petems @fgimian @sorreltree

  25. stackforge / puppet-openstack

    OpenStack Examples Puppet Module

    Puppet • Built by @bodepd @danehans @branan @jtopjian @mgagne


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