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See what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.

  1. rjdj / rjlib

    Abstractions and externals for writing RjDj Scenes

    Pure Data • Built by @footils @danomatika

  2. nettoyeurny / Making-Musical-Apps

    Resources for the O'Reilly book "Making Musical Apps"

    Pure Data • Built by @nettoyeurny

  3. danomatika / PdParty

    (TestFlight beta) Run your Pure Data patches on iOS with native GUIs emulated

    Pure Data • Built by @danomatika

  4. dotmmb / mmb

    Library of Pd abstractions. I KNOW, RIGHT?

    Pure Data • Built by @dotmmb

  5. AJFaraday / Text-to-music

    Using ruby and PureData to generate audio from text. Including literal twitter. Currently POC, but looking for innovative uses of the basic idea.

    Pure Data • Built by @AJFaraday @pvdb @nakajima @jeremywen @O-I

  6. defaultxr / defaultxrs-pd-abstractions

    a set of abstractions written for pure data, including sequencers, guis, and other utilties.

    Pure Data • Built by @defaultxr

  7. doitnowlabs / rpieffectbox

    This repo contains the code and schematics for the Raspberry pi based guitar effect box built by Ben Jacobs of DoItNow Labs.

    Pure Data • Built by @doitnowlabs

  8. simonnorberg / dmach

    android drum machine

    Pure Data • Built by @simonnorberg

  9. chr15m / PdDroidParty

    Run Pure Data DSP patches on Android - native GUIs emulated.

    Pure Data • Built by @chr15m @Ant1r @danomatika @Kishan-Cj @tkirshboim

  10. patricksebastien / mtl

    mtl abstractions for puredata

    Pure Data • Built by @j-k-p @patricksebastien

  11. rjmarsan / PlasmaSound

    Android, PureData and Processing Music App

    Pure Data • Built by @rjmarsan

  12. chr15m / SyncJams

    Network-synchronised metronome and state dictionary for music applications.

    Pure Data • Built by @chr15m @danomatika

  13. reduzent / netpd

    Collaborative Realtime Networked Music Making Environment (MK II)

    Pure Data • Built by @reduzent

  14. madlabdk / touche

    Touché implementation w/ Arduino and PureData - Max/MSP

    Pure Data • Built by @singintime @madlabdk

  15. residuum / Puredata-abstractions

    Some abstractions for Puredata: Simple loopers, effects and helpers.

    Pure Data • Built by @residuum

  16. eerne / Pd-Dom

    Pure dynamic object model for Pure Data

    Pure Data • Built by @eerne @thisconnect @ephaee

  17. footils / physigs

    Physical modelling for Pd vanilla using BSP

    Pure Data • Built by @footils

  18. footils / pdx7

    A 6 operator FM synth for Pure Data

    Pure Data • Built by @footils

  19. halfbyte / PureDataLibrary

    my personal general purpose utility patches for PureData. Might very well suffer from NIH syndrome.

    Pure Data • Built by @halfbyte

  20. danomatika / BangYourHead

    An intro to Pure Data via example.

    Pure Data • Built by @danomatika @timeFliesWhenYoureHavingFun

  21. Limulo / Jags

    Just another granular synth

    Pure Data •

  22. kronihias / head-pose-estimation

    Kinect head pose estimation - standalone version with OSC support and pix_head_pose_estimation for Pure Data/Gem

    Pure Data • Built by @kronihias

  23. mxa / AudioVideoPatches

    Pure Data + Gem patches demonstrating strategies to work with audio and video and synchronisation

    Pure Data • Built by @mxa

  24. rumblesan / Radio-Patches

    Patches for a Pure Data based radio stream

    Pure Data • Built by @rumblesan

  25. Lessnullvoid / Pulsum-Plantae

    Pulsum Plantae is a project focused on bioelectrical activity readings from different types of plants. Using their perceptual skills as biosensors, amplifying the signals to be sent to a microncontrolador and to work with them in a process of experimental sonification.

    Pure Data • Built by @Lessnullvoid @thiagohersan

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