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  1. My first venture into raspberry pi stuff. Running a custom pure data patch I've been working on for a couple years on a Raspberry Pi 3. This project took a couple months and I'm still tweaking stuff here and there but it's pretty much complete, it even survived it's first live show!

    Pure Data 511 60 Built by @otem
  2. Abstractions and externals for writing RjDj Scenes

    Pure Data 129 34 Built by @footils @danomatika
  3. A Livecoding Playground for Room-Scale VR

    Pure Data 109 9 Built by @lukexi @Gurkenglas
  4. Resources for the O'Reilly book "Making Musical Apps"

    Pure Data 97 89 Built by @nettoyeurny
  5. This repo contains the code and schematics for the Raspberry pi based guitar effect box built by Ben Jacobs of DoItNow Labs.

    Pure Data 90 26 Built by @doitnowlabs
  6. Library of Pd abstractions. I KNOW, RIGHT?

    Pure Data 62 13 Built by @dotmmb
  7. android drum machine

    Pure Data 57 7 Built by @simonnorberg
  8. Using ruby and PureData to generate audio from text. Including literal twitter. Currently POC, but looking for innovative uses of the basic idea.

    Pure Data 53 13 Built by @AJFaraday @pvdb @jeremywen @nakajima @O-I
  9. Network-synchronised metronome and state dictionary for music applications.

    Pure Data 38 5 Built by @chr15m @danomatika
  10. Android, PureData and Processing Music App

    Pure Data 38 10 Built by @rjmarsan
  11. Touché implementation w/ Arduino and PureData - Max/MSP

    Pure Data 33 11 Built by @singintime @madlabdk
  12. Kinect head pose estimation - standalone version with OSC support and pix_head_pose_estimation for Pure Data/Gem

    Pure Data 27 12 Built by @kronihias
  13. Purr Data - Jonathan Wilkes' cross-platform Pd-l2ork version

    Pure Data 27 19 Built by @pd-l2ork @agraef @millerpuckette @jonwwilkes @debapratimsaha
  14. Turn your voice into a synthesizer!

    Pure Data 26 1 Built by @magnetophon @StudioDotfiles
  15. Pure Data + Gem patches demonstrating strategies to work with audio and video and synchronisation

    Pure Data 25 6 Built by @mxa
  16. collection of public puredata vanilla patches found on internet

    Pure Data 25 4 Built by @coderofsalvation
  17. A 6 operator FM synth for Pure Data

    Pure Data 23 7 Built by @footils
  18. Pure dynamic object model for Pure Data

    Pure Data 23 4 Built by @eerne @thisconnect
  19. 🔉 HoaLibrary for Pure Data

    Pure Data 23 4 Built by @pierreguillot @thomasLeMeur @eliottparis @avilleret
  20. my personal general purpose utility patches for PureData. Might very well suffer from NIH syndrome.

    Pure Data 22 4 Built by @halfbyte
  21. Physical modelling for Pd vanilla using BSP

    Pure Data 21 3 Built by @footils
  22. pure data live sampling-mashup tool

    Pure Data 20 2 Built by @angelfaraldo @MartinHN @carthach
  23. Pulsum Plantae is a project focused on bioelectrical activity readings from different types of plants. Using their perceptual skills as biosensors, amplifying the signals to be sent to a microncontrolador and to work with them in a process of experimental sonification.

    Pure Data 20 14 Built by @Lessnullvoid @thiagohersan
  24. A Puredata real-time music analysis patch using OSC communication.

    Pure Data 19 2 Built by @Daandelange
  25. Just another granular synth

    Pure Data 19 1
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