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  1. Build purely functional web apps with PureScript.

    PureScript 350 51 Built by @alexmingoia @ttoe @menelaos @eskimor @charleso 31 stars this month
  2. Tutorial Series - Make the Leap from Javascript to PureScript

    PureScript 30 1 Built by @adkelley 30 stars this month
  3. A declarative, type-safe UI library for PureScript.

    PureScript 555 95 Built by @garyb @paf31 @jdegoes @natefaubion @cryogenian 24 stars this month
  4. REPL-style scientific calculator with physical units

    PureScript 305 11 Built by @sharkdp @5310 16 stars this month
  5. The web-based front-end for SlamData.

    PureScript 267 61 Built by @cryogenian @garyb @natefaubion @beckyconning @jdegoes 15 stars this month
  6. Type-safe, statically checked composition of HTTP servers

    PureScript 109 6 Built by @owickstrom @rightfold @garyb @justinwoo @ulsa 13 stars this month
  7. React Native bindings for purescript

    PureScript 30 8 Built by @doolse @sectore @NicholasAaronBrady @donabrams @will-evans 8 stars this month
  8. โœ๏ธ ๐Ÿ“Š - The Haskell code editor focused on interactive development.

    PureScript 204 16 Built by @NickSeagull @KitFreddura @SamuelSchlesinger @javiertoledo @J2RGEZ 8 stars this month
  9. A simple FRP implementation which separates events and behaviors

    PureScript 23 3 Built by @paf31 @anttih 8 stars this month
  10. Atom package for PureScript build, completion, etc support

    PureScript 85 15 Built by @nwolverson @kRITZCREEK @passy @dkoontz @garyb 6 stars this month
  11. PureScript IDE support for VS Code

    PureScript 37 6 Built by @nwolverson @andyarvanitis @devinrhode2 @hansel-no-kioku @justinwoo 5 stars this month
  12. Free monads, Cofree comonads, Yoneda and Coyoneda functors, and the Trampoline monad.

    PureScript 32 18 Built by @garyb @ethul @paf31 @jdegoes @natefaubion
  13. A puzzle game inspired by functional programming

    PureScript 1,115 56 Built by @sharkdp @djsiroky @shlomif
  14. Extract content from webpages using CSS Selectors, XPath, and JS expressions

    PureScript 432 16 Built by @osener
  15. A build tool for PureScript projects

    PureScript 323 72 Built by @hdgarrood @bodil @paf31 @natefaubion @damncabbage
  16. A simple PureScript wrapper for React

    PureScript 231 44 Built by @paf31 @fisx @ethul @passy @doolse
  17. Sources for the PureScript book

    PureScript 220 86 Built by @paf31 @fmancinelli @jw120 @tinkhaven @minikomi
  18. React Bindings for PureScript

    PureScript 203 44 Built by @ethul @paf31 @andreypopp @joneshf @foopq
  19. Elm style FRP library for PureScript

    PureScript 190 34 Built by @bodil @ttbodil @michaelficarra @menelaos @MichaelXavier
  20. A special-purpose UI library for Purescript

    PureScript 167 6 Built by @sharkdp @oblitum @kejace @rintcius @Softsapiens
  21. Beautiful, hand-crafted commandline interfaces for node.js

    PureScript 141 5 Built by @felixSchl @jimt @rgrannell1 @runarberg
  22. An asynchronous effect monad for PureScript

    PureScript 119 32 Built by @jdegoes @garyb @natefaubion @epost @hdgarrood
  23. Purescript wrapper for Express.js

    PureScript 85 24 Built by @dancingrobot84 @kika @anttih @raduom @chexxor
  24. PureScript UI framework based on lenses.

    PureScript 84 9 Built by @zrho @clayrat @FrigoEU @paf31 @michaelficarra
  25. An educational game with ponies

    PureScript 79 8 Built by @bodil @seanstrom
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