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  1. Repository for Programming Assignment 2 for R Programming on Coursera

  2. Official repo for the #tidytuesday project

    R 254 111 Built by @jthomasmock @kierisi @jmostipak @xvrdm 12 stars today
  3. recommenderlab - Lab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms - R package

    R 110 37 Built by @mhahsler @slygent @anjoshigor @paulstaab 5 stars today
  4. zUMIs: A fast and flexible pipeline to process RNA sequencing data with UMIs

    R 75 15 Built by @sdparekh @cziegenhain
  5. Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling for Clustering Single Cell RNA-Seq Data

    R 42 16 Built by @definitelysean @joshua-d-campbell @ykoga07 @Irisapo @dfjenkins3
  6. extensions for shinydashboard

    R 75 12 Built by @DivadNojnarg @pvictor @lorenzwalthert
  7. Data files (.csv) accessed with nflscrapR and summarized at the player-level

    R 80 39 Built by @ryurko
  8. An R package for common supervised machine learning metrics.

    R 57 10 Built by @benhamner @mfrasco @dan-blanchard @ujjwalkarn @eduardofv
  9. A taxonomic toolbelt for R

    R 152 45 Built by @sckott @EDiLD @zachary-foster @gedankenstuecke @maelle
  10. Package corrplot is for visualizing a correlation matrix

    R 147 50 Built by @vsimko @taiyun @yihui @caijun @michaellevy
  11. R клиент для работы с API Яндекса, загрузка данных из Яндекс.Директ и Яндекс.Метрики в R.

    R 32 17 Built by @selesnow
  12. R tools to access PX-WEB API

    R 22 15 Built by @MansMeg @antagomir @jhuovari @thelinkan @eydunn
  13. tidy methods for mixed models in R

    R 49 6 Built by @bbolker @dmenne @wpetry @strengejacke
  14. Easily tidy data with spread and gather functions.

    R 649 245 Built by @hadley @lionel- @jennybc @krlmlr @batpigandme
  15. Non-invasive pretty printing of R code

    R 222 29 Built by @lorenzwalthert @krlmlr @jonmcalder @jimhester @yutannihilation
  16. R Package 📦 for making projects for various R activities 🔩

    R 67 11 Built by @stephlocke @jonmcalder @maelle @OzLocke @mdozmorov
  17. An R 📦 to make testing 😀

    R 546 220 Built by @hadley @kevinushey @karl-forner-quartz-bio @jimhester @krlmlr
  18. Annotation-free quantification of RNA splicing. Yang I. Li, David A. Knowles, Jack Humphrey, Alvaro N. Barbeira, Scott P. Dickinson, Hae Kyung Im, Jonathan K. Pritchard

    R 83 36 Built by @davidaknowles @jackhump @goldenflaw @ddpinto @danielnavarrogomez
  19. Code accompanying the book "Machine Learning for Hackers"

  20. An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R

  21. A curated list of awesome R packages, frameworks and software.

  22. Easy interactive web applications with R

  23. 🎓 A collection of interactive courses for the swirl R package.

  24. Anomaly Detection with R

    R 2,685 617 Built by @akejariwal @darrkj @caniszczyk @terrytangyuan @jhochenbaum
  25. dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation

    R 2,660 981 Built by @hadley @romainfrancois @krlmlr @lionel- @batpigandme
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