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  1. Collection of most color palettes in a single R package

    R 95 5 Built by @EmilHvitfeldt 95 stars this month
  2. A Grammar of Animated Graphics

    R 680 116 Built by @thomasp85 @dgrtwo @cpsievert @davidski @kanishkamisra 73 stars this month
  3. R 81 13 Built by @matloff @chxii @rdrr1990 @Bohdan-Khomtchouk 73 stars this month
  4. dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation

    R 2,466 927 Built by @hadley @romainfrancois @krlmlr @lionel- @batpigandme 66 stars this month
  5. An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R

    R 3,232 1,225 Built by @hadley @wch @kohske @thomasp85 @jiho 64 stars this month
  6. Slides, Code, and Links to Resources from "Docker for the User," delivered at nyhackr 2018-07-11

    R 62 1 Built by @noamross 62 stars this month
  7. Easy interactive web applications with R

    R 2,943 1,396 Built by @wch @jcheng5 @yihui @jjallaire @bborgesr 47 stars this month
  8. A book covering the fundamentals of data visualization.

    R 547 101 Built by @clauswilke @darencard @malcolmbarrett @steveputman @Ax3man 48 stars this month
  9. A ggplot2 R extension for plotting Spatial* objects

    R 111 7 Built by @paleolimbot @brentthorne 47 stars this month
  10. Talk on code smells and feels and how to change that via refactoring

    R 49 3 Built by @jennybc 49 stars this month
  11. Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown

    R 1,043 475 Built by @yihui @jjallaire @dataopt @WeeBeasties @daattali 36 stars this month
  12. An R-focused pipeline toolkit for reproducibility and high-performance computing

    R 386 38 Built by @wlandau-lilly @wlandau @AlexAxthelm @krlmlr @kendonB 40 stars this month
  13. mlr: Machine Learning in R

    R 1,028 287 Built by @berndbischl @mllg @jakob-r @larskotthoff @invalid-email-address 36 stars this month
  14. Dynamic Documents for R

    R 1,192 548 Built by @jjallaire @yihui @jmcphers @javierluraschi @kevinushey 32 stars this month
  15. A fast, easy-to-use database library for R

    R 79 1 Built by @ankane 36 stars this month
  16. An R package implementing the UMAP dimensionality reduction method.

    R 37 Built by @jlmelville 35 stars this month
  17. R Interface to Python

    R 644 103 Built by @jjallaire @kevinushey @terrytangyuan @goldingn @javierluraschi 29 stars this month
  18. A friendly package manager for R

    R 69 5 Built by @ankane 31 stars this month
  19. caret (Classification And Regression Training) R package that contains misc functions for training and plotting classification and regression models

    R 877 421 Built by @topepo @JackStat @zachmayer @hadjipantelis @terrytangyuan 25 stars this month
  20. Tidy Temporal Data Frames and Tools

    R 80 6 Built by @earowang @DavisVaughan 26 stars this month
  21. Forecasting with tidy objects

    R 53 3 Built by @mitchelloharawild @robjhyndman @earowang 27 stars this month
  22. Stan development repository (home page is linked below). The master branch contains the current release. The develop branch contains the latest stable development. See the Developer Process Wiki for details.

    R 1,312 243 Built by @syclik @bob-carpenter @PeterLi2016 @mitzimorris @betanalpha 25 stars this month
  23. Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown

    R 744 162 Built by @yihui @ProQuestionAsker @apreshill @lcolladotor @BarkleyBG 24 stars this month
  24. Organize your project into a research website

    R 190 28 Built by @jdblischak @pcarbo @vanAmsterdam @ethanwhite @johnsonlab 22 stars this month
  25. Comprehensive list of color palettes available in r

    R 215 22 Built by @EmilHvitfeldt @gadenbuie @lgatto @weiyangtham 22 stars this month
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