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  1. racket / racket

    The Racket repository

    Racket • Built by @mflatt @elibarzilay @rfindler @jeapostrophe @samth

  2. mbutterick / pollen

    book-publishing system in Racket

    Racket • Built by @mbutterick @leafac @jonboiser @j3parker @LeifAndersen

  3. greghendershott / frog

    Frog is a static web site generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments.

    Racket • Built by @greghendershott @jaor @wilbowma @offby1 @khinsen

  4. uwplse / herbie

    Synthesis for floating-point expressions

    Racket • Built by @HazardousPeach @pavpanchekha @ztatlock @wilcoxjay @jasonqiu95

  5. dyoo / whalesong

    Whalesong: Racket to JavaScript compiler

    Racket • Built by @dyoo @soegaard @m4burns @samth @metadave

  6. tyrchen / racket-book

    My racket study documentation

    Racket • Built by @tyrchen @longhua @zhuyuesut

  7. dmac / spin

    Write RESTful web apps in Racket.

    Racket • Built by @dmac @philix @RenaissanceBug @hovatterz

  8. greghendershott / rackjure

    Provide a few Clojure-inspired ideas in Racket. Where Racket and Clojure conflict, prefer Racket.

    Racket • Built by @greghendershott @qerub @AlexKnauth @cmpitg @technomancy

  9. emina / rosette

    The Rosette solver-aided host language, sample solver-aided DSLs, and demos

    Racket • Built by @emina @jamesbornholt @rohinmshah @AlexKnauth @stchang

  10. calvis / cKanren

    Constraint programming language embedded in Racket

    Racket • Built by @calvis @eholk @acfoltzer @LeifAndersen

  11. samth / gradual-typing-bib

    A bibliography on Gradual Typing

    Racket • Built by @samth @takikawa @jsiek @bennn @jsyeo

  12. greghendershott / fear-of-macros

    A practical guide to Racket macros

    Racket • Built by @greghendershott @leafac @cmpitg @offby1

  13. takikawa / racket-clojure

    #lang clojure

    Racket • Built by @takikawa @AlexKnauth @shadgregory @qerub

  14. racket / typed-racket

    Typed Racket

    Racket • Built by @samth @stamourv @endobson @takikawa @elibarzilay

  15. soegaard / urlang

    Urlang is JavaScript with a sane syntax

    Racket • Built by @soegaard @danprager @samth

  16. ntoronto / pict3d

    3-dimensional picts

    Racket • Built by @ntoronto @AlexKnauth @houghcr @takikawa @philnguyen

  17. get-bonus / get-bonus

    an experimental video game development environment

    Racket • Built by @jeapostrophe @stamourv @samth

  18. soegaard / whalesong

    Whalesong: Racket to JavaScript compiler

    Racket • Built by @dyoo @soegaard @vishesh @darrencruse @schanzer

  19. samvv / racket-gaming

    A racket/gui wrapper for simple game development.

    Racket • Built by @samvv @LnL7 @arnomoonens

  20. tonyg / marketplace

    From Functional I/O to Functional Systems Programming.

    Racket • Built by @tonyg @cmatheson @fooki

  21. ntoronto / drbayes

    Dr. Bayes

    Racket • Built by @ntoronto @samth @bennn

  22. danprager / racket-2048

    The 2048 game implemented in Racket language

    Racket • Built by @danprager @jbclements @greghendershott

  23. pedropramos / PyonR

    A Python implementation for Racket

    Racket • Built by @pedropramos @LeifAndersen @janus

  24. coding-robots / iwl

    Previous version of "I Write Like" written in Racket

    Racket • Built by @dchest

  25. takikawa / drracket-vim-tool

    Vim-like editing for DrRacket

    Racket • Built by @takikawa @LeifAndersen @florence @m4burns @benlakey

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