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  1. opower / rbundler

    Rbundler manages an R project's dependencies systematically and repeatedly.

    Rebol • Built by @yoni @arhan-gunel @rtcurtis @KentonWhite @eshilts

  2. cpsievert / bbscrapeR

    Rebol • Built by @cpsievert

  3. hadley / memoise

    Easy memoisation for R

    Rebol • Built by @hadley @sietse @ajdm

  4. rebolsource / rebol-test

    Suite of regression tests for Rebol (R2 and R3)

    Rebol • Built by @ladislav @earl @BrianHawley @hostilefork @johnk-

  5. dockimbel / cheyenne

    Cheyenne Web Server

    Rebol • Built by @dockimbel @moliad @endo64

  6. ropensci / opendata

    CRAN OpenData Task View

    Rebol • Built by @sckott @leeper @ashander @karthik @christophergandrud

  7. rebolsource / rebol-syntax

    Formal specification of Rebol syntax

    Rebol • Built by @ladislav @earl

  8. gchiu / Rebol3

    Mirror of all public Rebol3 sources

    Rebol • Built by @gchiu

  9. hostilefork / rebmu

    Microscopic Rebol Dialect ("mooshed") for Code Golf

    Rebol • Built by @hostilefork @rgchris @johnk-

  10. blalpert / best_ex

    Replication files for the March 2, 2015 Barron's story "The Little Guy Wins!," measuring market makers' trade execution quality.

    Rebol • Built by @blalpert @JoeGermuska

  11. Oldes / rs

    REBOL sources

    Rebol • Built by @Oldes

  12. ropensci / PackageDevelopment

    [Task View]: PackageDevelopment

    Rebol • Built by @lbraglia @leeper @jefferis @christophergandrud @stewid

  13. gchiu / rebolbot

    A stackoverflow chat bot for Rebol

    Rebol • Built by @johnk- @asampal @gchiu @AstDerek @kealist

  14. earl / rebol3

    My playground for REBOL 3 related things

    Rebol • Built by @earl

  15. saphirion / r3-gui

    Saphirion's R3-GUI source mainline

    Rebol •

  16. greggirwin / OpenME

    Open Messaging Environment (a.k.a. Alt AltME)

    Rebol • Built by @SteeveGit @greggirwin @moliad

  17. BrianHawley / rebol-patches

    Patches for pending improvements to the REBOL language.

    Rebol • Built by @BrianHawley

  18. saphirion / documentation

    Saphirion's Rebol-related documentation

    Rebol • Built by @ladislav @Robert-M-Muench @gchiu

  19. zsx / mysql-r3

    Mysql driver for Rebol 3

    Rebol • Built by @zsx

  20. dflock / geany-dark-scheme

    Dark syntax theme for the Geany text editor.

    Rebol • Built by @dflock

  21. dockimbel / curecode

    Lightweight web-based bugtracker

    Rebol • Built by @dockimbel @earl

  22. rgchris / QuarterMaster

    Web Development Framework

    Rebol • Built by @rgchris @WayneCui

  23. gchiu / Rebol2

    suggested improvements for Rebol2

    Rebol • Built by @gchiu @greggirwin

  24. henrikmk / VID-Extension-Kit

    Builds on VID, the REBOL 2 Visual Interface Dialect

    Rebol • Built by @henrikmk

  25. hostilefork / rubol

    Extensions to Rebol to make it more Ruby-like

    Rebol • Built by @hostilefork


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