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  1. Jiangtang / Programming-SAS

    personal SAS code repository

    SAS • Built by @Jiangtang

  2. sassoftware / enlighten-apply

    Example code and materials that illustrate applications of SAS machine learning techniques.

    SAS • Built by @jphall663

  3. friendly / SAS-macros

    SAS macros for statistics and graphics

    SAS • Built by @friendly

  4. xieliaing / SAS

    This is the collection of my own SAS utility macros/ sample code over my past 10 years of SAS programming and analysis experience.

    SAS • Built by @xieliaing @countrysideid

  5. leptonyu / coco

    A SAS library for SAS University Edition and SAS Studio

    SAS • Built by @leptonyu

  6. benjamin-chan / RTipsAndTricks

    SAS • Built by @benjamin-chan @renfrst

  7. phuse-org / phuse-scripts

    Delivery standard industry analyses, built upon CDISC standards for analysis data

    SAS • Built by @DanteDT @htu @cjbcross @ksny @PERIGAUS

  8. lwjohnst86 / sasToolkit

    Contains all of my personal SAS macros that I use for running statistical analyses.

    SAS • Built by @lwjohnst86

  9. jlroo / SAS_Programming

    SAS programming including extensive data-set manipulations,multidimensional arrays, SAS functions.

    SAS • Built by @jlroo

  10. Jiangtang / SAS_ListProcessing

    SAS • Built by @Jiangtang

  11. sassoftware / enlighten-deep

    Example code and materials that illustrate using neural networks with several hidden layers in SAS.

    SAS • Built by @jphall663

  12. sashub / macro

    a free resource for peer-reviewed production quality SAS macros

    SAS • Built by @rawfocus


    SAS Macros Utilizing the REDCap API for Data Exchange

    SAS • Built by @jason-lones

  14. FinancialRiskGroup / SASPerformanceAnalytics

    SAS • Built by @Gnaymie @DominicPazzulaFRG @holinus @cajohnst @FinancialRiskGroupAdmin

  15. pavopax / utility-sas-macros

    macros to speed up your data exploration in SAS

    SAS • Built by @pavopax

  16. elong0527 / SAS-BASE-MACRO

    Some general macro to make SAS life easier

    SAS • Built by @elong0527

  17. LHSNet / PCORNet-CDM

    Resources related to instantiating and testing the PCORNet Common Data Model.

    SAS • Built by @ehsanullahjan @jestill

  18. tomhub / SAS

    Various macro utilities for SAS(r) This site is not connected with

    SAS • Built by @tomhub

  19. IU-Data-Management / SAS

    SAS • Built by @AndrewBorst @akispert @AbhidnyaKawli @rcook05

  20. nicklip / Regression_SAS_code

    SAS code from my regression course at CSU East Bay

    SAS •

  21. PCORnet-DRN-OC / PCORnet-Diagnostic-Query

    PCORnet Diagnostic Query Package

    SAS • Built by @rusincovitch

  22. sleepepi / bestair-data-dictionary

    Variable descriptions from the BestAIR trial data.

    SAS • Built by @mcailler @jasonluc @remomueller @mrueschman

  23. heike / data-technologies

    SAS • Built by @heike @dicook @yihui

  24. jonathandick / etl_old

    scripts related to the etl amrs project

    SAS • Built by @jonathandick

  25. vtsuperdarn / hdw.dat

    hdw.dat files for SuperDARN radars

    SAS • Built by @ksterne @aj2mcdonald @jspaleta @sshepherd @sd-usask

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