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  1. TransmogrifAI (pronounced trăns-mŏgˈrə-fī) is an AutoML library for building modular, reusable, strongly typed machine learning workflows on Spark with minimal hand tuning

    Scala 374 40 Built by @tovbinm @ajayborra @snabar @gerashegalov @seratch 94 stars today
  2. ⚡️ Prisma turns your database into a realtime GraphQL API

    Scala 9,772 542 Built by @mavilein @nikolasburk @timsuchanek @do4gr @dpetrick 17 stars today
  3. Cask: a Scala HTTP micro-framework

    Scala 101 3 Built by @lihaoyi 11 stars today
  4. Mirror of Apache Spark

    Scala 18,437 16,698 Built by @mateiz @rxin @pwendell @cloud-fan @tdas 10 stars today
  5. BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning Library for Apache Spark

    Scala 2,595 601 Built by @yiheng @psyyz10 @qiuxin2012 @zhichao-li @SeaOfOcean
  6. Spark: The Definitive Guide's Code Repository

    Scala 381 277 Built by @anabranch @neeleshkumar-mannur @hajimurtaza @stbof @evohnave
  7. A Scala based client for Ethereum Classic.

    Scala 133 44 Built by @adamsmo @ntallar @LukasGasior1 @rtkaczyk @AlanVerbner
  8. XML data source for Spark SQL and DataFrames

    Scala 191 106 Built by @HyukjinKwon @rxin @mengxr @mattroberts297 @anastasia
  9. Spark Structured Streaming / Kafka / Cassandra / Elastic

    Scala 67 27 Built by @polomarcus
  10. Scientific workflow engine designed for simplicity & scalability. Trivially transition between one off use cases to massive scale production environments

    Scala 297 86 Built by @cjllanwarne @kshakir @mcovarr @Horneth @geoffjentry
  11. Scala 403 111 Built by @KentShikama @rabbitonweb @henrytill @jeremybusk @goral09
  12. A purely-functional library for defining type-safe schemas for algebraic data types, providing free generators, SQL queries, JSON codecs, binary codecs, and migration from this schema definition

    Scala 31 6 Built by @danielyli @vil1 @insdami @josipgrgurica @gitter-badger
  13. Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

    Scala 809 279 Built by @Alefas @niktrop @pavelfatin @Lugzan @mutcianm
  14. Doctest for scala

    Scala 147 20 Built by @tkawachi @fthomas @frgomes @jozic @xuwei-k
  15. Scala macros for compile-time generation of ultra-fast JSON codecs

    Scala 164 18 Built by @plokhotnyuk @cuongdd2 @DmytroOrlov @kostjas @zapov
  16. Scalable genomic data analysis.

    Scala 356 103 Built by @tpoterba @cseed @jbloom22 @jigold @danking
  17. Cloud-native web, mobile and event analytics, running on AWS and on-premise with Kafka

    Scala 4,236 904 Built by @alexanderdean @fblundun @jbeemster @BenFradet @bamos
  18. The standard Scala XML library

    Scala 149 68 Built by @paulp @ashawley @adriaanm @odersky @SethTisue
  19. PredictionIO, a machine learning server for developers and ML engineers. Built on Apache Spark, HBase and Spray.

    Scala 11,399 1,858 Built by @dszeto @k4hoo @hitgirl @ramaboo @simon-chan
  20. Play Framework

    Scala 10,652 3,599 Built by @jroper @pk11 @gmethvin @guillaumebort @wsargent
  21. The Scala programming language

    Scala 10,553 2,495 Built by @paulp @adriaanm @retronym @odersky @lrytz
  22. Build highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM

    Scala 8,873 2,824 Built by @viktorklang @patriknw @rkuhn @ktoso @jboner
  23. A Git platform powered by Scala with easy installation, high extensibility & GitHub API compatibility

    Scala 7,278 1,019 Built by @takezoe @shimamoto @nazoking @kounoike @tanacasino
  24. A fault tolerant, protocol-agnostic RPC system

    Scala 6,630 1,210 Built by @mariusae @kevinoliver @mosesn @roanta @vkostyukov
  25. A tool for managing Apache Kafka.

    Scala 5,772 1,476 Built by @patelh @jisookim0513 @zheolong @kelseylam @fuji-151a
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