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  1. Mirror of Apache Spark

    Scala 11,809 11,091 Built by @mateiz @rxin @pwendell @tdas @JoshRosen 336 stars this month
  2. A shadowsocks client for Android

    Scala 6,681 3,714 Built by @madeye @Mygod @AnyOfYou @JLLK @wongsyrone 323 stars this month
  3. BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning Library for Apache Spark

    Scala 1,505 248 Built by @yiheng @psyyz10 @qiuxin2012 @JerryYanWan @SeaOfOcean 256 stars this month
  4. The Scala programming language

    Scala 7,755 1,975 Built by @paulp @adriaanm @odersky @retronym @lrytz 211 stars this month
  5. Play Framework

    Scala 8,975 3,101 Built by @jroper @pk11 @guillaumebort @huntc @gmethvin 153 stars this month
  6. Apache OpenWhisk is a serverless event-based programming service and an Apache Incubator project

    Scala 1,134 223 Built by @rabbah @markusthoemmes @perryibm @psuter @dubeejw 158 stars this month
  7. Akka Project

    Scala 6,740 2,145 Built by @viktorklang @patriknw @rkuhn @ktoso @jboner 134 stars this month
  8. A tool for managing Apache Kafka.

    Scala 3,266 888 Built by @patelh @jisookim0513 @zheolong @kelseylam @jackode 125 stars this month
  9. Reactive data-binding for Scala

    Scala 869 64 Built by @Atry @maowug @MarisaKirisame @Psycho7 @OlivierBlanvillain 131 stars this month
  10. Resilient service mesh for cloud native apps

    Scala 1,514 122 Built by @adleong @olix0r @esbie @siggy @rmars 114 stars this month
  11. Reactive Microservices for the JVM

    Scala 1,174 217 Built by @jroper @dotta @TimMoore @patriknw @ignasi35 88 stars this month
  12. PredictionIO, a machine learning server for developers and ML engineers. Built on Apache Spark, HBase and Spray.

    Scala 9,993 1,598 Built by @dszeto @k4hoo @hitgirl @ramaboo @simon-chan 81 stars this month
  13. the forever free, adless and open source chess server.

    Scala 2,921 496 Built by @ornicar @clarkerubber @niklasf @Unihedro @Happy0 87 stars this month
  14. A fault tolerant, protocol-agnostic RPC system

    Scala 5,478 1,043 Built by @mariusae @kevinoliver @mosesn @stevegury @roanta 83 stars this month
  15. A Git platform powered by Scala with easy installation, high extensibility & github API compatibility

    Scala 6,195 789 Built by @takezoe @shimamoto @nazoking @tanacasino @mrkm4ntr 76 stars this month
  16. Enterprise-strength web, mobile and event analytics, powered by Hadoop, Kafka, Kinesis, Redshift and Elasticsearch

    Scala 3,177 729 Built by @alexanderdean @fblundun @jbeemster @bamos @ninjabear 70 stars this month
  17. Your favourite language gets closer to bare metal.

    Scala 2,376 115 Built by @densh @MasseGuillaume @Duhemm @hkapp @t-hiroyoshi 76 stars this month
  18. Deploy and manage containers (including Docker) on top of Apache Mesos at scale.

    Scala 3,093 690 Built by @aquamatthias @ConnorDoyle @drexin @mlunoe @ssorallen 67 stars this month
  19. An extension to the core Scala library for functional programming.

    Scala 2,971 472 Built by @retronym @xuwei-k @larsrh @tonymorris @runarorama 67 stars this month
  20. Lightweight, modular, and extensible library for functional programming.

    Scala 1,595 365 Built by @ceedubs @non @adelbertc @stew @fthomas 61 stars this month
  21. REST job server for Apache Spark

    Scala 1,481 631 Built by @velvia @noorul @zeitos @TimMaltGermany @ankitson 57 stars this month
  22. Single-page applications running on the server side

    Scala 98 7 Built by @fomkin @clayrat @Fly-Style @strobe 65 stars this month
  23. Async Scala-Akka-Netty based Load Test Tool

    Scala 2,828 592 Built by @slandelle @pdalpra @rsertelon @nremond @mushketyk 55 stars this month
  24. SnappyData - The Spark Database. Stream, Transact, Analyze, Predict in one cluster

    Scala 477 69 Built by @sumwale @nthanvi @vivekwiz @ashetkar @ymahajan 62 stars this month
  25. Pure Scala Artifact Fetching

    Scala 766 55 Built by @alexarchambault @easel @darkjh @jalaziz @kzys 60 stars this month
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