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  1. cisco / ChezScheme

    Chez Scheme

    Scheme • Built by @dybvig @burgerrg @akeep @michaellenaghan @yjqww6

  2. eholk / harlan

    A language for GPU computing.

    Scheme • Built by @eholk @calvis @rrnewton @marcinz @JosephCottam

  3. part-cw / lambdanative

    LambdaNative is a cross-platform development environment written in Scheme, supporting Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, OS X, Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD and OpenWrt.

    Scheme • Built by @clpetersen @mgorges @ddunsmuir @VincentToups @chentso

  4. JeffBezanson / femtolisp

    a lightweight, robust, scheme-like lisp implementation

    Scheme • Built by @JeffBezanson @rubicks @jturner @jondistad @schani

  5. neo4j-contrib / spatial

    Neo4j Spatial is a library of utilities for Neo4j that faciliates the enabling of spatial operations on data. In particular you can add spatial indexes to already located data, and perform spatial operations on the data like searching for data within specified regions or within a specified distance of a point of interest. In addition classes are…

    Scheme • Built by @peterneubauer @craigtaverner @svzdvd @amorgner @jexp

  6. huangz1990 / SICP-answers

    我的 SICP 解题集

    Scheme • Built by @huangz1990 @picasso250 @clippit @darkjh @acgtyrant

  7. mwand / eopl3

    Code from the book "Essentials of Programming Languages", 3rd ed. by Friedman and Wand

    Scheme • Built by @mwand @calvis @simonh1000

  8. pkrumins / the-little-schemer

    All the Scheme code examples from the book "The Little Schemer"

    Scheme • Built by @pkrumins @hujinpu

  9. yinwang0 / lightsabers

    May 4 be with you!

    Scheme • Built by @yinwang0

  10. picrin-scheme / picrin

    lightweight scheme interpreter

    Scheme • Built by @nyuichi @KeenS @omasanori @zeptometer @stibear

  11. webyrd / Barliman

    Prototype smart text editor

    Scheme • Built by @webyrd @gregr @adamnemecek

  12. aoh / owl-lisp

    a functional lisp

    Scheme • Built by @aoh @jviide @brianmwaters @aisamanra @jasonmacduffie

  13. ashinn / chibi-scheme

    Official chibi-scheme repository

    Scheme • Built by @ashinn @frerejerome @ilammy @traviscross @bakul

  14. shirok / Gauche

    Scheme Scripting Engine

    Scheme • Built by @shirok @qykth-git @nobsun @rui314 @pclouds

  15. aoh / radamsa

    a general-purpose fuzzer

    Scheme • Built by @aoh @Darkkey @vah13 @brarcher @cweb

  16. NalaGinrut / artanis

    (Mirror repo) A fast monolithic framework of Scheme language

    Scheme • Built by @NalaGinrut @stefanhusmann @contrapunctus-1 @pksadiq @jedbarlow

  17. the-little-prover / j-bob

    Scheme • Built by @carl-eastlund @holguinj

  18. namin / inc

    an incremental approach to compiler construction

    Scheme • Built by @namin

  19. akeep / nanopass-framework

    The new nanopass framework; an embedded DSL for writing compilers in Scheme

    Scheme • Built by @akeep @eholk @soegaard

  20. jiacai2050 / sicp

    SICP 读书笔记,习题解答

    Scheme • Built by @jiacai2050 @liweinan0423

  21. scheme / scsh

    A Unix shell embedded in scheme

    Scheme • Built by @roderyc @nxg @jeffd @wfvining

  22. miniKanren / miniKanren

    Canonical miniKanren implementation

    Scheme • Built by @webyrd @miniKanren

  23. yinwang0 / yscheme

    a compiler from Scheme into X64

    Scheme • Built by @yinwang0

  24. marcomaggi / vicare

    A native compiler for Scheme compliant with R6RS

    Scheme • Built by @marcomaggi @eholk @kstephens @larsmans

  25. orlandohill / waxeye

    Waxeye is a parser generator based on parsing expression grammars (PEGs). It supports C, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby and Scheme.

    Scheme • Built by @orlandohill @vic @MattWoelk @steakknife @alFReD-NSH

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