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  1. Numerical computing software. This is just a mirror! to contribute

    Scilab 71 48 Built by @sylvestre @davidcl @calixteman @SciTonio @fleray
  2. An innovative technique that constructs an ensemble of decision trees and converts this ensemble into a single, interpretable decision tree with an enhanced predictive performance

    Scilab 63 8 Built by @GillesVandewiele @jamlamberti
  3. Scilab 40 20 Built by @cmoylan
  4. Open source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language.

    Scilab 29 10 Built by @sylvestre @davidcl @calixteman @SciTonio @fleray
  5. arktools: Scilab/ScicosLab Toolbox

    Scilab 19 7 Built by @jgoppert @andrewms @xiew @lennax
  6. Akanda L3+ Network Virtualization

    Scilab 18 3 Built by @ryanpetrello @sarob @gandelman-a @cleverdevil @markmcclain
  7. FLECC_IN_C is a FLexible Elliptic Curve Cryptography library written IN C

    Scilab 15 6 Built by @niosHD @wenigerohnei
  8. Test Suite for John the Ripper

    Scilab 14 12 Built by @jfoug @magnumripper @frank-dittrich @claudioandre @kholia
  9. C++ library implementing re-expression method (a machine learning technique)

    Scilab 13 2 Built by @arauhala
  10. Free and Open Source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.

    Scilab 13 7 Built by @sylvestre @davidcl @calixteman @SciTonio @fleray
  11. A collection of publicly available datasets

    Scilab 13 29 Built by @mikeizbicki
  12. 📖 A collection of QML widgets not available in the default Ubuntu UI Toolkit

    Scilab 12 2 Built by @iBelieve @nikwen
  13. 計算機結構 -- Nand2tetris Part I (金門大學 / 資訊工程系 106 上學期 )

    Scilab 11 50 Built by @ccckmit
  14. A digital logic simulator to work through the book The Elements of Computing Systems.

    Scilab 10 2 Built by @darius
  15. Code for "A Generative Parser with a Discriminative Recognition Algorithm"(

    Scilab 8 1 Built by @cheng6076
  16. R决策树实例

    Scilab 8 2 Built by @hugulas
  17. Cryptographic Protocol Shapes Analyzer

    Scilab 7 2 Built by @ramsdell
  18. ☁️ Scilab on Cloud

    Scilab 6 6 Built by @saketkc
  19. Serial Communication Toolbox for Scilab

    Scilab 6 8 Built by @sengupta
  20. sciFLT is a Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for scilab

    Scilab 5 1 Built by @holgern
  21. all the stuffs related to miui porting device samsung i9300

    Scilab 5 16 Built by @fanoge @yu88my @HackerMi @MiuiAnderson
  22. A collection of algorithm problems I solved on different sites

    Scilab 5 7 Built by @begoon
  23. simple Python game with 2D top-down perspective

    Scilab 5 Built by @albertz
  24. Exercises and code from the elements of computing systems

    Scilab 4 4 Built by @whostolebenfrog
  25. Extensive test suite for upscaledb

    Scilab 4 2 Built by @cruppstahl
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