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  1. paparazzi / paparazzi-hardware

    Paparazzi UAV hardware

    Scilab • Built by @esden @martinmm @dewagter @NeoFromMatrix @scdwyer

  2. arktools / arktoolbox

    arktools: Scilab/ScicosLab Toolbox

    Scilab • Built by @jgoppert @andrewms @xiew @lennax

  3. opencollab / scilab

    Numerical computing software

    Scilab • Built by @sylvestre @fleray @TotoYasp @CedScilab @smarchetto

  4. arauhala / libreexp

    C++ library implementing re-expression method (a machine learning technique)

    Scilab • Built by @arauhala

  5. saketkc / scilab_cloud

    Scilab on Cloud

    Scilab • Built by @saketkc

  6. cmoylan / Elements-of-Computing-Systems

    Scilab • Built by @cmoylan

  7. iBeliever / ubuntu-ui-extras

    A collection of QML widgets not available in the default Ubuntu UI Toolkit

    Scilab • Built by @iBeliever @nikwen

  8. darius / logsim

    A digital logic simulator to work through the book The Elements of Computing Systems.

    Scilab • Built by @darius

  9. MiCode / patchrom_i9300

    all the stuffs related to miui porting device samsung i9300

    Scilab • Built by @fanoge @yu88my @HackerMi @MiuiAnderson

  10. sengupta / Scilab-Serial

    Serial Communication Toolbox for Scilab

    Scilab • Built by @sengupta

  11. rfabbri / siptoolbox

    Scilab Image Processing toolbox mirror

    Scilab • Built by @rfabbri @mady902 @dayanyrec @madhavan902

  12. OCamlPro / richelieu

    OCamlPro working copy of the Richelieu branch of Scilab 6

    Scilab • Built by @sylvestre @fleray @CedScilab @TotoYasp @lefessan

  13. cruppstahl / hamsterdb-tests

    "monster" tests for hamsterdb

    Scilab • Built by @cruppstahl

  14. sengupta / scilab-maxima

    Continuation of Jean-François Magni's Symbolic Toolbox

    Scilab • Built by @sengupta

  15. begoon / acm

    A collection of algorithm problems I solved on different sites

    Scilab • Built by @begoon

  16. FlaviusAetius / furry-octo-computing-machine

    Scilab • Built by @FlaviusAetius

  17. ashwith / workshopfiles

    Space where I upload my code, presentations, notes and handouts for workshops I conduct.

    Scilab • Built by @ashwith

  18. sengupta / scilab-http

    An HTTP toolbox for Scilab

    Scilab • Built by @sengupta

  19. dancryer / TK-Libraries

    A set of Python libraries for interacting with RPG Toolkit v3 file formats.

    Scilab • Built by @dancryer @codelish

  20. Breemua / ANN

    Artificial Neural Network implementation

    Scilab • Built by @Breemua

  21. RDeville / FD

    Fouille de Données 4IF

    Scilab • Built by @RDeville @thomaspiccolo

  22. whostolebenfrog / The-Elements-of-Computing-Systems

    Exercises and code from the elements of computing systems

    Scilab • Built by @whostolebenfrog

  23. IAIK / flecc_in_c

    FLECC_IN_C is a FLexible Elliptic Curve Cryptography library written IN C code

    Scilab • Built by @niosHD @wenigerohnei

  24. stackforge / akanda

    Akanda L3+ Network Virtualization

    Scilab • Built by @ryanpetrello @cleverdevil @markmcclain @gandelman-a @jordant

  25. c00kiemon5ter / NumericalAnalysis

    Numerical Analysis Class

    Scilab • Built by @c00kiemon5ter @uberspot @alamages


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