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  1. kbengine / kbengine_unity3d_warring

    This client-project is written for kbengine(a MMOG engine of server)

    Smalltalk • Built by @kbengine

  2. sl4m / gnu_smalltalk_koans

    GNU Smalltalk Koans - a set of tests to teach you Smalltalk

    Smalltalk • Built by @sl4m @german @mylesmegyesi

  3. bonzini / smalltalk

    GNU Smalltalk

    Smalltalk • Built by @bonzini @MrGwen @leeduhem @indeyets @tgg

  4. dalehenrich / filetree

    Monticello repository for directory-based Monticello packages enabling the use of git, svn, etc. for managing Smalltalk source code.

    Smalltalk • Built by @dalehenrich @vonbecmann @camillobruni @timfel

  5. pharo-project / pharo-core

    pharo-core git mirror

    Smalltalk • Built by @camillobruni

  6. flow-stack / flow

    A living full-stack framework for the web

    Smalltalk • Built by @sebastianconcept @JupiterJones @dalehenrich @pdavidow @HeSe

  7. NicolasPetton / iliad

    iliad smalltalk web framework

    Smalltalk • Built by @NicolasPetton @SebastienAudier @swsch @bonzini @canol

  8. Cuis-Smalltalk / Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev

    Active development of Cuis Smalltalk

    Smalltalk • Built by @jvuletich @bpieber @hhzl @KenDickey @StephanEggermont

  9. timfel / gitocello

    Git O'Cello tries to bridge from Squeak+Monticello to GNU Smalltalk+Git

    Smalltalk • Built by @timfel @frankshearar

  10. cdglabs / thinglab

    Alan Borning's graphical constraint solver from the late 70s, running on our Smalltalk-78 JavaScript VM.

    Smalltalk • Built by @bertfreudenberg @alanborning

  11. martinmcclure / mist

    Filetree code for the Mist project (

    Smalltalk • Built by @martinmcclure @timfel

  12. svenvc / ston

    STON - Smalltalk Object Notation - A lightweight text-based, human-readable data interchange format for class-based object-oriented languages like Smalltalk.

    Smalltalk • Built by @svenvc @dalehenrich

  13. SquareBracketAssociates / SqueakByExample-english

    Open source LaTeX of Squeak By Example

    Smalltalk • Built by @onierstrasz @apblack @DamienCassou @cdlm

  14. svenvc / zinc

    Zinc HTTP Components is an open-source Smalltalk framework to deal with the HTTP networking protocol.

    Smalltalk • Built by @svenvc @jbrichau @dalehenrich @NickAger

  15. CampSmalltalk / Cypress

    A cross Smalltalk dialect, disk-based package import/export format, inspired by the project.

    Smalltalk • Built by @janvrany @johnnyt

  16. jvuletich / Cuis

    This repo is obsolete. Please use

    Smalltalk • Built by @jvuletich @hhzl @bpieber

  17. GwenaelCasaccio / gst-visualgst

    VisualGST is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the GNU Smalltalk (

    Smalltalk • Built by @MrGwen @bonzini @NicolasPetton @vonbecmann

  18. dalehenrich / metacello-work

    Metacello is a package management system for Smalltalk

    Smalltalk • Built by @dalehenrich @demarey @krono @ottobehrens @fniephaus

  19. mark-watson / nlp_smalltalk

    A natural language processing toolkit for Pharo Smalltalk

    Smalltalk • Built by @mark-watson

  20. dmatveev / shampoo

    Smalltalk image-side server that provides a remote access to an image

    Smalltalk • Built by @dmatveev

  21. sebastianconcept / flow

    An Amber-Pharo stack

    Smalltalk • Built by @sebastianconcept @pdavidow

  22. lukego / xoos

    OLPC XO Operating System (well -- bits and pieces at least)

    Smalltalk • Built by @lukego

  23. dalehenrich / tode

    tODE - the Object-centric Development Environment. Smalltalk. development, deconstructed and a development environment for GemStone/S. Part of the GsDevKit tool set.

    Smalltalk • Built by @dalehenrich @pdebruic @pbm @gitter-badger @talksmall

  24. beefarino / EntityShell

    PowerShell Module for Entity Framework Tooling

    Smalltalk • Built by @beefarino

  25. bnagy / crabstone

    crabstone is a Ruby binding to the capstone disassembly library by Nguyen Anh Quynh

    Smalltalk • Built by @bnagy @securitykitten


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