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  1. tony-landis / agilebill

    Open source billing and invoicing

    SQL • Built by @sluther @tpenguin @box25 @mediart

  2. hxgdzyuyi / tang_poetry


    SQL • Built by @hxgdzyuyi

  3. TrinityCore / TDB_4.3.4_NLU

    This repo is not longer needed.

    SQL • Built by @Kinzcool @DDuarte @Vincent-Michael @Aokromes @Nickelangelo

  4. leehach / census-postgres

    PostgreSQL schema and import scripts for recent US Census data

    SQL • Built by @leehach

  5. theory / mytap

    MySQL Unit Testing Suite

    SQL • Built by @theory

  6. thatjpcsguy / shorts

    Can i wear shorts today?

    SQL • Built by @thatjpcsguy @samturner

  7. vyper / fonetica-sql

    BuscaBR algorithm which allow the comparison of words based on their phonetic likeness (in sql)

    SQL • Built by @vyper @romuloalves

  8. pietdaniel / poetification

    give texts give poems

    SQL • Built by @naphthalene @pietdaniel

  9. RhodiumToad / ip4r

    ip4r current and new development

    SQL • Built by @RhodiumToad

  10. longwall / voynich_manchu_oradb

    A research of Manchu hypothesis of Voynich manuscript. It's an Oracle database with tabes, DML scripts, PLSQL functions and queries.

    SQL • Built by @longwall

  11. jhajagos / DocGraph

    Code related to DocGraph analysis

    SQL • Built by @jhajagos

  12. shlomi-noach / common_schema

    DBA's framework for MySQL

    SQL • Built by @shlomi-noach

  13. joiggama / martini-example

    Example martini app with different ORM integrations, see different branches.

    SQL • Built by @joiggama @jmataya

  14. cistoner / Lstore

    This tool allows you to anonymously or publicly share contents in LAN. Clients can download contents directly from you

    SQL • Built by @mebjas @abhinavdahiya

  15. piotrsukiennik / jSQLtuner

    SQL tuner for improving Java applications ORM performance using NoSQL technologies.

    SQL • Built by @piotrsukiennik @bitdeli-chef @waffle-with-pears

  16. metpetdb / metpetdb-py

    Django implementation of the Metpetdb System (

    SQL • Built by @kristallizer @kirangilvaz @tejaswinishastry @NYKevin @JGWitkowski

  17. hacker9 / Donor9

    SQL • Built by @alixedi @ayazali

  18. cliffordsnow / sql

    My sql scripts for postgis

    SQL • Built by @cliffordsnow

  19. TEAMSchools / sundry_requests

    assorted queries for state/foundation/other reporting, student account management, and other logistics.

    SQL • Built by @almartin82 @ldesimon

  20. sunnotes / Ali-Data-Mining


    SQL • Built by @sunnotes

  21. kolorobot / quartz-jee-demo

    Quartz with Clustering JEE demo application

    SQL • Built by @kolorobot

  22. andrewmunro / Vanilla

    Vanilla WoW Emulator for Educational Purposes

    SQL • Built by @andrewmunro @lucas-jones

  23. zmijevik / agentInfer

    an artificial intelligence inference engine written in php using a knowledge based inference engine paradigm

    SQL • Built by @zmijevik

  24. ghoneycutt / puppet-openfire

    Openfire Puppet module

    SQL • Built by @ghoneycutt

  25. saphanaacademy / Live2

    SAP HANA Academy - Live2 project code samples for playlist

    SQL • Built by @saphanaacademy


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