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  1. Electric Imp Reference Code

    Squirrel 85 65 Built by @cat-haines @imp-gino @bbharris @yanir @nwgarner
  2. Classic Offensive - A mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Squirrel 37 6 Built by @Bluscream
  3. Arduino and Processing sketches for Power Monitor Shield

    Squirrel 32 10 Built by @hephaestus9 @Sir-Henry-Curtis
  4. Source code for the badges from New Relic's FutureStack 2014 conference

    Squirrel 24 20 Built by @asm @richcave @bettse @chrono
  5. Standard Items for the BEE2.4

    Squirrel 23 12 Built by @TeamSpen210 @LautaroL20 @Luke18033 @TheDarkBomber @ZombiePwner1
  6. Code for the tutorial available from SparkFun Electronics

    Squirrel 22 25 Built by @nseidle
  7. Electric Imp Firmware by Tom. EI firmware is written in squirrel.

    Squirrel 18 4
  8. Squirrel 14 3 Built by @jacob404
  9. Esquilo Library

    Squirrel 10 1 Built by @shumatech @pejackson
  10. A wireless bootloader for Arduino and Electric Imp

    Squirrel 10 3 Built by @nseidle @ozzieg
  11. Agent/Device Firmware Pair for Electric Imp. Use with Imp-IO for Johnny-Five

    Squirrel 9 4 Built by @rwaldron @dtex @gitter-badger
  12. mirror of the simutrans pak128 subversion repository on sourceforge

    Squirrel 9 2
  13. Hackbright for Good Smart Water Meter

    Squirrel 9 3 Built by @thunderlamlam @kelvl @hefox
  14. Squirrel 8 6 Built by @bettse @asm @joel-wehr @intjonathan
  15. nRF24L01 driver/library for the electric imp

    Squirrel 8 Built by @stanleyseow
  16. A quick start for setting up an popup arcade with Attract Mode

    Squirrel 7 Built by @ianfitzpatrick
  17. Collection of (squirrel) vScripts for CS:GO

    Squirrel 6 7 Built by @s-ol @serkas001 @2m @mellet
  18. SNMP wrapper in order to expose the upsc output into Net-SNMP

    Squirrel 6 2 Built by @luizluca
  19. A simple project that turns an LED on when the ISS is overhead

    Squirrel 6 Built by @cat-haines
  20. Squirrel 6 5 Built by @iobridge
  21. A Squirrel Framework for quickly and easily building powerful APIs.

    Squirrel 6 4 Built by @cat-haines @smittytone @betzrhodes @ppetrosh @mm-gmbd
  22. Home security system powered by Electric Imp, and controlled by web/mobile

    Squirrel 5 Built by @joel-wehr
  23. An #IoT button powered by an Electric Imp.

    Squirrel 5 Built by @mezelve
  24. Code for the Electric Imp/MAX31855 tutorial

    Squirrel 5 2 Built by @joel-wehr
  25. A wrapper class for the Wolfram DataDrop API

    Squirrel 5 Built by @smittytone @cat-haines
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