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  1. GoldenCheetah / GoldenCheetah

    Performance Software for Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes

    Standard ML • 17 stars this month • Built by @liversedge @srhea @grauser @amtriathlon @Joern-R

  2. composer / sources

    Standard ML • 9 stars this month • Built by @Seldaek @igorw @naderman @padraic @stof

  3. CakeML / cakeml

    CakeML: A Verified Implementation of ML

    Standard ML • 8 stars this month • Built by @xrchz @myreen @SOwens @tanyongkiam @mn200

  4. RedPRL / sml-redprl

    Decisively Smash the Formalist Clique!—The People's Refinement Logic

    Standard ML • 7 stars this month • Built by @jonsterling @jozefg @ak3n

  5. eatonphil / ponyo

    Library and toolkit for Standard ML

    Standard ML • 6 stars this month • Built by @DanielRosenwasser @eatonphil

  6. AuditProject / truecrypt-verified-mirror

    Verified Windows, OSX, Linux TrueCrypt v. 7.1a binaries and source files

    Standard ML •

  7. MrChrisJ / World-Citizenship

    Globally orientated citizenship with private passport services using available cryptographic tools

    Standard ML • Built by @MrChrisJ @m0se @jonathancross @JackScottie @WilliamDunne

  8. MLton / mlton

    The MLton repository

    Standard ML • Built by @sweeks @MatthewFluet @terpstra @laurikari @bleibig

  9. kfl / mosml

    Moscow ML is a light-weight implementation of Standard ML (SML), a strict functional language widely used in teaching and research.

    Standard ML • Built by @sestoft @kfl @crusso @dcurrie @Eckankar

  10. urweb / urweb

    The Ur/Web programming language

    Standard ML • Built by @achlipala @vizziv @grwlf @vshabanov @lightquake

  11. Ravenbrook / mlworks

    MLWorks is a Standard ML compiler and development environment.

    Standard ML • Built by @rptb1 @NickBarnes @waywardmonkeys

  12. chrisamaphone / interactive-lp

    Project materials related to logic programming for interactive/reactive systems.

    Standard ML • Built by @chrisamaphone @robsimmons @markfarrell @Johnicholas

  13. jonsterling / JonPRL

    An proof refinement logic for computational type theory based on Brouwer-realizability & the verificationist meaning explanation. Inspired by Nuprl. [For up-to-date development, see JonPRL's successor, Red JonPRL:]

    Standard ML • Built by @jonsterling @jozefg @freebroccolo @vrahli @david-christiansen

  14. HOL-Theorem-Prover / HOL

    Canonical sources for HOL4 theorem-proving system. Branch master is where "mainline development" occurs.

    Standard ML • Built by @mn200 @konrad-slind @acjf3 @xrchz @MichaelJCGordon

  15. gamelinux / prads

    Passive Real-time Asset Detection System

    Standard ML • Built by @comotion @gamelinux @madmac2501 @alandekok @KristianLyng

  16. polyml / polyml


    Standard ML • Built by @dcjm @jrtc27 @iislucas @Smattr @neolem

  17. surespot / web-server

    surespot node.js web server

    Standard ML • Built by @2fours @repat

  18. standardml / smackage

    Smackage Package Manager for Standard ML

    Standard ML • Built by @robsimmons @gian @Ahnfelt @msullivan @melsman

  19. melsman / mlkit

    Standard ML Compiler and Toolkit

    Standard ML • Built by @melsman @kfl

  20. jozefg / hm

    A small implementation of type inference

    Standard ML • Built by @jozefg

  21. league / qcheck

    Library for automatic unit testing of Standard ML modules

    Standard ML • Built by @league @nrnrnr @favonia @bsummer4

  22. kayceesrk / multiMLton

    MLton for scalable multicore architectures

    Standard ML • Built by @kayceesrk

  23. mempo / mempo-kernel

    Deterministic kernel build scripts, for Linux, mainly for Debian

    Standard ML • Built by @rfree @0x20c24 @mempomisc @vyrly @Happuri

  24. robsimmons / sml-lib

    Library for Standard ML

    Standard ML • Built by @tom7 @robsimmons @seanmcl

  25. smlsharp / smlsharp

    SML# compiler

    Standard ML • Built by @mzp @eldesh

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