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  1. ayooay / glbproxy

    Faster and more stable version with multi nodes. Nodes around the world coming soon.

    Stata • Built by @ayooay

  2. vikjam / mostly-harmless-replication

    Replication of tables and figures from "Mostly Harmless Econometrics" in Stata, R, Python and Julia.

    Stata • Built by @vikjam

  3. cid-harvard / atlas-data

    Repository for data / data processing related to The Atlas

    Stata • Built by @romsson

  4. cfpb / proxy-methodology

    Stata • Built by @Scotchester @josephremy

  5. csrgxtu / GoogleHosts-Python

    use Python get the Google available hosts for your country

    Stata • Built by @csrgxtu @mayenjoy

  6. sergiocorreia / reghdfe

    Linear, IV and GMM Regressions With Any Number of Fixed Effects

    Stata • Built by @sergiocorreia

  7. amarder / stata-tutorial

    Stata • Built by @amarder

  8. wdxtub / Note-3.0

    From 2016.1

    Stata • Built by @wdxtub

  9. gvegayon / parallel

    PARALLEL: Stata module for parallel computing

    Stata • Built by @bquistorff @gvegayon @epkugelmass

  10. wbuchanan / brewscheme

    Stata package for creating user-defined scheme files using research-based color palettes

    Stata • Built by @wbuchanan

  11. lfkrebs / stata-cookbook

    This is the Stata cookbook for “Introduction to Data Science” in the M.Sc. Public Policy & Human Development.

    Stata • Built by @lfkrebs

  12. wdxtub / Note-2.0

    Notes update from Sep 2015 to Jan 2016

    Stata • Built by @wdxtub

  13. ThomasGrund / nwcommands

    Social network analysis in Stata

    Stata • Built by @ThomasGrund @pgrund

  14. dlab-berkeley / stata-fundamentals

    For use in Stata workshops and intensives

    Stata • Built by @ck37

  15. wbuchanan / eda

    Stata Program for Automated Exploratory Data Analysis program

    Stata • Built by @wbuchanan

  16. wbuchanan / d3mata

    A Mata/Stata Wrapper for the D3js library

    Stata • Built by @wbuchanan

  17. kfinlay / stata-tools

    Various scripts for Stata

    Stata • Built by @kfinlay

  18. michaelstepner / binscatter

    Stata module to generate binned scatterplots —

    Stata • Built by @michaelstepner

  19. jldbc / gunsandcrime

    A replication of Marvell and Moody's economics experiment measuring impact of gun ownership on crime rates, using percent suicides by gun, gun manufacturing, and survey data as proxies for gun ownership. Data set included.

    Stata • Built by @jldbc

  20. wdxtub / wkk

    wdx's Knowledge Kit

    Stata • Built by @wdxtub

  21. equitablegrowth / VZ_historicalminwage

    This repository contains the raw data, code, and sources used to create a state and sub-state historical minimum wage dataset described in Vaghul and Zipperer (2016).

    Stata • Built by @kvaghul

  22. PovertyAction / github-training

    IPA learning resources for GitHub

    Stata • Built by @matthew-white @hdiamondpollock

  23. stan-dev / statastan

    Stata interface for Stan.

    Stata • Built by @robertgrant @bob-carpenter @syclik

  24. matthieugomez / sumup.ado

    Fast summary statistics by group in stata

    Stata • Built by @matthieugomez @sergiocorreia

  25. haghish / Rcall

    Seamless interactive R in Stata

    Stata • Built by @haghish

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