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  1. Package gorilla/securecookie encodes and decodes authenticated and optionally encrypted cookie values for Go web applications.

    SuperCollider 295 83 Built by @kisielk @elithrar @abduelhamit @moraes @keunwoo
  2. Skoar

    SuperCollider 290 4
  3. My accurate Yamaha DX-7 clone. Programmed in Supercollider.

    SuperCollider 254 23 Built by @everythingwillbetakenaway @vivid-synth @telephon @AlexisCaffa @cannc4
  4. Tidal Audio Engine

    SuperCollider 115 19 Built by @telephon @yaxu @bgold-cosmos @pd3v @d0kt0r0
  5. SuperCollider 64 10 Built by @neilcosgrove @andyr0id
  6. a private pool for supercollider code

    SuperCollider 45 8 Built by @rukano
  7. A live coding language. An extension to SuperCollider, currently Cocoa only.

    SuperCollider 42 7 Built by @thormagnusson @cappelnord @celesteh
  8. Deprecated project!!! See Hermes-Lite2 at main web site

    SuperCollider 42 37 Built by @softerhardware @jimahlstrom @AC9HY @ahopper
  9. A SuperCollider toolkit to simplify the creation of personal (electronic) instruments utilising hardware and software controllers of any kind.

    SuperCollider 41 18 Built by @adcxyz @sensestage @LFSaw @miguel-negrao @woutersnoei
  10. Official Sunflow Repository - Sunflow is an open source rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis.

    SuperCollider 40 22 Built by @fpsunflower @geneome
  11. Introduction to synthesis and SuperCollider course, taught at the Roundhouse, London in January/February 2014

    SuperCollider 38 9 Built by @acarabott
  12. SuperCollider Internet Radio Station

    SuperCollider 32 3 Built by @maxhawkins
  13. Collection of SuperCollider SynthDefs (synth definitions) for use with Patterns

    SuperCollider 31 4 Built by @brunoruviaro
  14. Various SuperCollider classes I use and maintain. Some of them are already Quarkified.

    SuperCollider 31 5 Built by @earslap
  15. SuperCollider 28 5 Built by @moxuse @kn1kn1 @tdshusm
  16. TextMate bundle for

    SuperCollider 28 5 Built by @acarabott @sbl
  17. SuperCollider Extensions used by Benoît and the Mandelbrots

    SuperCollider 28 4 Built by @cappelnord @mortuosplango @rukano
  18. SuperCollider 23 4 Built by @gusano
  19. SuperCollider3 tutorial code

    SuperCollider 23 6 Built by @zeffii @elifieldsteel
  20. This is an attempt at a generic library of tools for making Network Music Apps in SuperCollider

    SuperCollider 22 4 Built by @muellmusik @adcxyz @telephon
  21. Standalone for Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with Raspbian Stretch including the full IDE

    SuperCollider 21 1 Built by @redFrik
  22. An extension library for the SuperCollider programming language

    SuperCollider 20 2 Built by @joslloand @mtmccrea @dmartinp
  23. A haskell package adding spectral effects to Tidal

    SuperCollider 20 Built by @datamads
  24. Visual programming SuperCollider using Flowhub

    SuperCollider 20 2 Built by @jonnor @spenhar @brianfay
  25. SuperCollider 19 1 Built by @lijon
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