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  1. 📚 Simplified and community-driven man pages

    TeX 15,711 1,135 Built by @waldyrious @igorshubovych @rprieto @sbrl @rubenvereecken 4,842 stars this month
  2. The most cited deep learning papers

    TeX 13,036 2,208 Built by @terryum @miguelballesteros @jdoerrie @Jeet1994 @flukeskywalker 457 stars this month
  3. 📄 Awesome CV is LaTeX template for your outstanding job application

    TeX 3,444 980 Built by @posquit0 @nitrogl @johannesbottcher @ayeks @androm3da 226 stars this month
  4. Bartosz Milewski's 'Category Theory for Programmers' unofficial PDF and LaTeX source

    TeX 1,978 78 Built by @hmemcpy @gvol @raol @adishavit @BartoszMilewski 134 stars this month
  5. Course materials for BIOST561

    TeX 80 17 Built by @adw96 @dewhitney @wilsonka @bdwilliamson @jjfeng 79 stars this month
  6. C++ standards drafts

    TeX 2,596 412 Built by @zygoloid @tkoeppe @jwakely @jensmaurer @Eelis 76 stars this month
  7. "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book

    TeX 5,793 652 Built by @DennisYurichev @mremy @DSiekmeier @krokodilerian @pinkrab 64 stars this month
  8. TeX 401 91 Built by @vbuterin @vladzamfir @jamesray1 @virgil @NIC619 64 stars this month
  9. Book of Elementary Algorithms and Data structures

    TeX 3,239 517 Built by @liuxinyu95 @ynasser @xiaohanyu @csukuangfj @Chaddai 54 stars this month
  10. Leetcode刷题之旅

    TeX 168 1 Built by @dingjikerbo 46 stars this month
  11. A pandoc LaTeX template to convert markdown files to PDF or LaTeX.

    TeX 143 44 Built by @Wandmalfarbe @JWhy @martinlarsson 39 stars this month
  12. Учебное пособие по защите информации кафедры радиотехники и систем управления МФТИ

    TeX 274 194 Built by @vlsergey @kisttan @vlsergey-at-work @Sosnovik @labdsf 40 stars this month
  13. List of articles related to deep learning applied to music

    TeX 169 40 Built by @ybayle @boblsturm @faroit @knstmrd @sergiooramas 37 stars this month
  14. LaTeX Thesis Template for Tsinghua University

    TeX 667 306 Built by @xueruini @alick @frankpzh @edyfox @ahyangyi 28 stars this month
  15. Advanced R programming: a book

    TeX 1,066 1,141 Built by @hadley @lindbrook @ajschumacher @crtahlin @Lingbing 25 stars this month
  16. TiDB/TiKV/PD documents in Chinese.

    TeX 674 189 Built by @shenli @buggithubs @queenypingcap @sunhao2017 @andelf 24 stars this month
  17. The "Yellow Paper": Ethereum's formal specification

    TeX 374 139 Built by @gavofyork @CJentzsch @pirapira @axic @Gustav-Simonsson 28 stars this month
  18. A modern curriculum vitae class for LaTeX

    TeX 422 120 Built by @xdanaux @enricodangelo @sfischer13 @jayree @mayf09 24 stars this month
  19. Manuscript of the book "Tidy Text Mining with R" by Julia Silge and David Robinson

    TeX 381 258 Built by @juliasilge @dgrtwo @yihui @jjallaire @jonmcalder 18 stars this month
  20. A simple webapp for automatically generating elegant LaTeX resumes.

    TeX 743 56 Built by @saadq @aviral1701 @jacobjinkelly @RobertSandu @TsimpDim 24 stars this month
  21. Forecasting: Principles and Practice (2nd ed)

    TeX 24 3 Built by @robjhyndman @GeorgeAthana 24 stars this month
  22. Crypto 101, the introductory book on cryptography.

    TeX 1,930 141 Built by @lvh @EdOverflow @coh2 @solidgoldbomb @hmmueller 22 stars this month
  23. A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides

    TeX 152 20 Built by @josephwright @tantau @vedranmiletic @louisstuart96 @Grimler91 22 stars this month
  24. Source code for Advanced Scala with Cats

    TeX 102 38 Built by @davegurnell @noelwelsh @noelhwelsh @d6y @eddsteel 16 stars this month
  25. Class notes for CS 131.

    TeX 26 38 Built by @omoindrot @thekej @UbermenschIsHere @shivaalroy @ranjaykrishna 10 stars this month
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