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  1. Payload Generation Framework

    Visual Basic 254 47 Built by @mdsec @dmchell @byt3bl33d3r @dumb-questions 253 stars this month
  2. Extra properties for MSBuild SDK projects

    Visual Basic 64 20 Built by @onovotny @wjk @kzu @Nirmal4G @mattleibow 16 stars this month
  3. Windows Wrapper / Launcher for the BRS wallet and other burst tools

    Visual Basic 39 15 Built by @Quibus-burst @SvlatCjelli @naiduv @Doncode @LoyalNine1487 9 stars this month
  4. A database of extended cleaning routines for popular Windows PC based maintenance software.

    Visual Basic 155 30 Built by @ROCKNROLLKID @MoscaDotTo @APMichael @TZocker @GoldMath 8 stars this month
  5. up to date csgo offsets and hazedumper config

    Visual Basic 163 86 Built by @ReactiioN1337 @frk1 @x64architecture @M9K5 @LeagueRaINi 6 stars this month
  6. Local Group Policy Editor plus more, for all Windows editions

    Visual Basic 96 8 Built by @Fleex255 6 stars this month
  7. FreeBASIC is a completely free, open-source, multi-platform BASIC compiler, with syntax similar to MS-QuickBASIC, that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline assembly, object orientation, and many others.

    Visual Basic 193 48 Built by @dkl @jayrm @countingpine @mudhairless @thrimbor 5 stars this month
  8. Consolidated Model of Fire and Smoke Transport

    Visual Basic 22 28 Built by @rpeacoc @gforney @preneke @mcgratta @ferictony
  9. Visual Interface for the Windows 10 Compact Function

    Visual Basic 1,032 47 Built by @ImminentFate @SpoonOfDoom @ehea617 @wcogan
  10. VBA-Web: Connect VBA, Excel, Access, and Office for Windows and Mac to web services and the web

    Visual Basic 880 255 Built by @timhall @Sophist-UK @mauriciojxs @mymuss @berkus
  11. StaxRip is a video encoding app for Windows with a unrivaled feature set and usability.

    Visual Basic 453 59 Built by @stax76 @be-sc
  12. A collection of useful PowerShell scripts to make deploying Office 2016 and Office 365 ProPlus easier for IT Pros and administrators. If you have any feature requests or ideas for future scripts please add the idea to the issues list in this repository

    Visual Basic 441 292 Built by @v-rusmit @AStigall @johnskydiver @alex182 @manoth-msft
  13. JSON conversion and parsing for VBA

    Visual Basic 403 103 Built by @timhall @blindlf @theredstapler
  14. Various Tools in Excel

    Visual Basic 386 44 Built by @AyrA
  15. 常用书籍

    Visual Basic 373 254 Built by @mymmsc
  16. A silly local group messaging app where the server and all clients are excel sheets.

    Visual Basic 366 20
  17. It's freaking donkey.bas

    Visual Basic 300 35 Built by @coding-horror
  18. CACTUSTORCH: Payload Generation for Adversary Simulations

    Visual Basic 261 67 Built by @vysec @Meatballs1 @rasta-mouse
  19. Vi Mode for LibreOffice/OpenOffice

    Visual Basic 260 13 Built by @seanyeh
  20. Malicious Macro Generator

    Visual Basic 252 79 Built by @Mr-Un1k0d3r @taherio
  21. Collection of scripts to aid in delivering payloads via Office Macros. Most are python. See for details.

    Visual Basic 242 92 Built by @khr0x40sh
  22. VisualCodeGrepper - Code security scanning tool.

    Visual Basic 219 46 Built by @N1ckDunn
  23. Tools for development and version control of vba code

    Visual Basic 200 59 Built by @hilkoc @miqmago @tommy9 @StefRe @cwilgo
  24. Wake On LAN, WakeOnLAN, shutdown software for Windows. A powerful WOL, ping, shutdown, GUI application.

    Visual Basic 183 38 Built by @basildane @amoibos
  25. Graphical interface for SteamCMD

    Visual Basic 172 59 Built by @DioJoestar @Captnwalker1 @Giswald @bryant1410
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