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  1. RickStrahl / wwDotnetBridge

    .NET Interop made easy for Visual FoxPro

    xBase • Built by @RickStrahl

  2. NaldoDj / BlackTDN

    Exemplos de Programas, Classes e funções em ADVPL

    xBase • Built by @NaldoDj

  3. imsys / JSON-ADVPL

    JSON support for ADVPL

    xBase • Built by @imsys

  4. QuimFerrer / sepa

    Normativa Sepa

    xBase • Built by @QuimFerrer @manuelcalerosolis @pcordonet

  5. osantana / siscan

    (Velharias) Sistema para controle de fiado em cantinas escolares

    xBase • Built by @osantana

  6. sait / vfpjson

    Json encoder and decoder for VFP Visual Fox Pro

    xBase • Built by @igtztorrero

  7. StevenBlack / envLib

    Tom Rettig's Envlib library for Visual FoxPro, first released in 1995, is modernized and carried-forward.

    xBase • Built by @StevenBlack

  8. mikepotjer / vfp-git-utils

    Git utilities for VFP, designed to work within the Thor repository

    xBase • Built by @mikepotjer

  9. NaldoDj / tBigNumber

    Classe em (x)Harbour/ADVPL para calcular números absurdamente grandes

    xBase • Built by @NaldoDj

  10. dan-atilio / AdvPL

    Fontes criados de AdvPL para o Terminal de Informação

    xBase • Built by @dan-atilio

  11. haskellcamargo / advpl-debugger

    An AdvPL debugger written in AdvPL

    xBase • Built by @haskellcamargo

  12. ket-ed / fw-moodle

    Foxweb - Moodle export routines

    xBase • Built by @dhempy

  13. alkresin / h4aFirstApp

    First attempt to create working Harbour application for Android

    xBase • Built by @alkresin

  14. obduk / div_games_studio

    Dump of all the source files from my Div Games Studios projects.

    xBase • Built by @obduk

  15. RickCHodgin / guithread

    In VFP, launch a small app to show an animated gif in a separate process for the duration of a task

    xBase • Built by @RickCHodgin

  16. lynx68 / fenix

    Open source multiplatform simple invoice system

    xBase • Built by @lynx68 @Janamsoft

  17. FoxInCloud / FoxInCloud-AB

    FoxInCloud public layer

    xBase • Built by @FoxInCloud @StevenBlack

  18. AHFERREIRA / adordd

    adordd for (x)Harbour

    xBase • Built by @AHFERREIRA

  19. cakyus / cursor2xlsx

    konversi cursor ke ms excell 2007

    xBase • Built by @cakyus

  20. superbloc / gesto

    xBase • Built by @superbloc

  21. fdbozzo / foxbin2prg

    Visual FoxPro 9 Binary to Text and Text to Binary converter. Replacement for SCCText(X) and TwoFox that is bi-directional (Text is editable)

    xBase •

  22. haskellcamargo / prelude-advpl

    An AdvPL port of Haskell's Prelude library

    xBase • Built by @haskellcamargo

  23. haskellcamargo / prelude-docs

    Documentation for Prelude Harbour/AdvPL

    xBase • Built by @haskellcamargo

  24. 0918nobita / Smile-plus-plus


    xBase • Built by @0918nobita

  25. hbcdev / cims

    Cims App VFP Source code

    xBase • Built by @hbcteam


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