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  1. Fontes criados de AdvPL para o Terminal de Informação

    xBase 40 27 Built by @dan-atilio
  2. JSON support for ADVPL

    xBase 33 23 Built by @imsys
  3. Exemplos de Programas, Classes e funções em ADVPL

    xBase 25 23 Built by @NaldoDj
  4. Protheus Header files

    xBase 14 10 Built by @imsys
  5. Visual FoxPro 9 Binary to Text and Text to Binary converter. Replacement for SCCText(X) and TwoFox that is bi-directional (Text is editable)

    xBase 12 6 Built by @fdbozzo @rboatright
  6. Framework OO para Protheus Advpl: ORM, importação CSV, Coleção, Test Unitario e mais

    xBase 10 7 Built by @GillesK
  7. Json encoder and decoder for VFP Visual Fox Pro

    xBase 10 9 Built by @igtztorrero
  8. Libreria de clases para generacion del Comprobante Electronico Digital en Mexico, segun las indicaciones del SAT

    xBase 9 13 Built by @ircsasw @vespina
  9. Editor online em advpl

    xBase 9 3 Built by @danielflira @Dadinel
  10. Package xrt (XRayTracer) is a python software library for ray tracing and wave propagation in x-ray regime. It is primarily meant for modeling synchrotron sources, beamlines and beamline elements.

    xBase 9 5 Built by @kklmn @yxrmz
  11. Webservice responsável por servir os dados para o app de inventário de estoque para o sistema Totvs - Protheus

    xBase 8 7 Built by @danielAlbuquerque
  12. JSON parser written in and for TOTVS AdvPL

    xBase 8 3 Built by @haskellcamargo
  13. An AdvPL debugger written in AdvPL

    xBase 8 7 Built by @haskellcamargo
  14. Normativa Sepa

    xBase 7 7 Built by @QuimFerrer @manuelcalerosolis @pcordonet
  15. A 100% Visual FoxPro class that provides a tool for generating images with different bar code symbologies to be used in VFP forms and reports, or exported to other applications

    xBase 7 2 Built by @luismariag @DougHennig
  16. Tom Rettig's Envlib library for Visual FoxPro, first released in 1995, is modernized and carried-forward.

    xBase 6 3 Built by @StevenBlack
  17. (Velharias) Sistema para controle de fiado em cantinas escolares

    xBase 6 Built by @osantana
  18. A set of tools for Visual FoxPro implementing the most common internet protocols

    xBase 6 5 Built by @pablopioli
  19. Repositório de artefatos da comunicade Fluig Brasil

    xBase 6 1 Built by @danielcabral84 @fsw999-postal
  20. Git utilities for VFP, designed to work within the Thor repository

    xBase 6 3 Built by @mikepotjer
  21. FoxInCloud public layer

    xBase 5 4 Built by @FoxInCloud @StevenBlack
  22. Fontes usados de apoio ao material de MVC AdvPL

    xBase 5 1 Built by @julianeventeu
  23. Fontes AdvPL do Bog "Tudo em AdvPL"

    xBase 5 6 Built by @siga0984
  24. A class that allows VFP developers to directly draw charts and graphs

    xBase 5 3 Built by @DougHennig
  25. Ludem Dare #35

    xBase 4 1 Built by @bergfi @ljoye @MikeDX
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