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  1. 10/100 MII Ethernet MAC for XMOS microcontrollers

    XC 29 32 Built by @davelxmos @henkmuller @pthedinger @djpwilk @rlsosborne
  2. Generic i2c component library including support for multi master arbitration and clock stretching

    XC 16 21 Built by @henkmuller @xross @djpwilk @davelxmos @samchesney
  3. Code to perform standard DSP functions, such as Biquads, FIRs, sample rate conversion

    XC 14 6 Built by @henkmuller @lilltroll77 @jontaylorxmos @pthedinger @larry-xmos
  4. PWM components

    XC 9 7 Built by @beaumontm @djpwilk @henkmuller @davelxmos @pthedinger
  5. XMOS SPI Master/Slave Software Component

    XC 9 13 Built by @samchesney @djpwilk @davelxmos @mikexmos @rlsosborne
  6. I2S Digital Audio Components

    XC 9 9 Built by @xross @djpwilk @davelxmos @RussellGallop @andrewstanfordjason
  7. Modules to receive and transmit ADAT streams

    XC 7 4 Built by @xross @ThomasGmeinder @henkmuller @pthedinger
  8. JTAG communication protocols

    XC 6 3 Built by @rlsosborne @henkmuller @pthedinger
  9. A mod that extends World of Tanks to calculate and save the tank's view range to a file to be loaded by XVM

    XC 6 8 Built by @Omegaice @mEDI-S
  10. Application for generating and analyzing audio signals

    XC 5 7 Built by @pthedinger @davelxmos @Srinivas-E @samchesney
  11. This is a software component to do capacitive sensing on an XCore

    XC 5 4 Built by @henkmuller @davelxmos @rlsosborne
  12. Demonstration display controller application

    XC 4 4 Built by @sudhanatraj @andrewstanfordjason @djpwilk @davelxmos @LakshmiSreedhar
  13. CANOpen protocol stack

    XC 4 5 Built by @sethuchandan @djpwilk @vinithmundhra @pthedinger
  14. CAN Phy/link layer component

    XC 4 5 Built by @djpwilk @andrewstanfordjason @davelxmos @sethuchandan @rlsosborne
  15. XC 4 2 Built by @henkmuller @davelxmos @rlsosborne
  16. DSP domain transformation components: FFT and DCT

    XC 4 8 Built by @henkmuller @djpwilk @andrewstanfordjason @davelxmos @pthedinger
  17. Specifications and use models for Open Source Modular Development Hardware for XMOS applications

    XC 3 3 Built by @EdBell @djpwilk @davelxmos @henkmuller @alidixon
  18. Ethernet booting of a grid of Swallow boards

  19. Modbus over serial repository

    XC 3 2 Built by @vinithmundhra @djpwilk @sudhanatraj
  20. xCORE Driver for Adafruit NeoPixels

    XC 3 3 Built by @teachop
  21. Cryptographic algorithms for the Xcore

    XC 3 5 Built by @henkmuller @rlsosborne @ThomasGmeinder @pthedinger
  22. Audio mixer component

    XC 3 4 Built by @xross @stevekerrison
  23. A shutter control device for a scanning transmission electron microscope

    XC 3 2 Built by @msarahan
  24. Synapticon SOMANET Motor Control for BLDC and BDC drives. Features Position, Velocity and Torque Control

    XC 3 4 Built by @agus-xyz @pkanajar-zz @andrijaf @begonaalvarezd @vtretyakov
  25. XC 3 4 Built by @clsv
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