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  1. DesarrolloAntonio / FragmentTransactionExtended

    FragmentTransactionExtended is a library which provide us a set of custom animations between fragments.

    XML • Built by @DesarrolloAntonio

  2. kswedberg / jquery-tmbundle

    TextMate bundle for jQuery

    XML • Built by @kswedberg @infininight @mayankkohaley @carlosbrando @svnlto

  3. jimulabs / google-music-mock

    An attempt to implement the Material animations demonstrated in Google's Material design guideline:

    XML • Built by @lintonye

  4. magro / msm-sample-webapp

    A sample (wicket) webapp for playing with memcached-session-manager

    XML • Built by @csarmiento @magro

  5. bambax /

    MarkItDown: retro-convert rich text to Markdown

    XML • Built by @bambax

  6. netty / netty-book

    XML • Built by @veebs @trustin @normanmaurer

  7. gshackles / xamarin-ci-sample

    Sample app demonstrating creating automated builds for Xamarin.iOS/Android apps

    XML • Built by @gshackles

  8. liy9393 / emotion-detection

    Look into a webcam and the program will tell you whether you are smiling or not.

    XML • Built by @liy9393 @akim330

  9. marcoRS / gradlectric

    A Gradle Android Template project with Robolectric integration

    XML • Built by @marcoRS @johnjohndoe

  10. fletcher / MMD-Support

    Various utility files to expand the features of MultiMarkdown 3.0

    XML • Built by @fletcher @elmimmo

  11. JeniT / linked-csv

    A souped-up CSV-based data format

    XML • Built by @JeniT

  12. nlpwp / book-old

    Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer

    Haskell • Built by @danieldk @hbrouwer @cskau @DougBurke

  13. w3ctag / webarch

    The Architecture of the World Wide Web (Second edition)

    XML • Built by @htInEdin @ylafon @marcoscaceres

  14. RobGibbens / DtoToVM

    End to End Mvvm with Xamarin

    XML • Built by @RobGibbens

  15. vicendominguez / memcached-zabbix-template

    New memcached monitoring template for zabbix

    XML • Built by @zhujinhe @teriyakichild

  16. mapbox / mapbox-studio-picture-book.tm2

    Picture book style for mapbox studio.

    XML • Built by @samanpwbb

  17. spring-projects / spring-net-social-twitter

    Twitter API binding and connect support

    XML • Built by @bbaia @scottksmith95

  18. o19s / StackExchangeSolrIndexing


    XML • Built by @JnBrymn @sstults

  19. shepting / kiwi-mac-demo

    A sample Mac OS X app using Kiwi for unit-testing.

    XML • Built by @shepting

  20. scala / scala-tool-support

    XML • Built by @hvesalai @yuchangyuan @adriaanm @paulp @bradwright

  21. igorkulman / AppStoreCrawler

    AppStore and Google Play crawler written in F#

    XML • Built by @igorkulman

  22. mpchadwick / Mpchadwick_BigAssImageWarning

    Alerts store admins about the big ass image they just uploaded

    XML • Built by @mpchadwick

  23. spring-projects / spring-net-social-facebook

    Spring Social for .NET API Support for Facebook

    XML • Built by @bbaia

  24. githubutilities / MiWifiMac

    Mi Wifi Mac OS X driver

    XML • Built by @githubutilities

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