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  1. Graph Store and SPARQL Protocol

    XProc 12 5 Built by @philipfennell
  2. XForms based form manager

    XProc 7 6 Built by @intalioorg @veresh @hellonico @vrayabhari @jainankit0312
  3. CXAN website and client

    XProc 7 1 Built by @fgeorges
  4. A tool for testing XProc scripts

    XProc 7 2 Built by @josteinaj @bertfrees @rdeltour
  5. Useful XProc scripts

    XProc 7 1 Built by @nicg-corbas
  6. XML Pipelines: A Guide to XProc

    XProc 6 2 Built by @ndw
  7. depify client - manage xproc dependencies

    XProc 6 2 Built by @depify @gimsieke @JamFuller @xquery
  8. A gateway between the Public Record Office Victoria's OAI-PMH server's RIF-CS dataset, and a SPARQL store

    XProc 5 Built by @Conal-Tuohy @stuartyeates
  9. XML Calabash Relax NG validation extension step that returns a report with XPath error locations

    XProc 3 Built by @gimsieke @mkraetke @pglatza @fr4nze
  10. XProc pipeline to check EPUBs for compliance with IDPF EPUB2/3, Amazon MOBI/KF8 and custom Schematron

    XProc 3 Built by @mkraetke @gimsieke
  11. XProc 2 2 Built by @gthompson @mewest
  12. A Twitter bot for XML hackers

    XProc 2 Built by @Conal-Tuohy
  13. Bash and .bat scripts, frequently used extensions, XML catalog for XML Calabash

    XProc 2 Built by @gimsieke @mkraetke @OSwoboda @sbulka @grolewsk
  14. XProc Utilities for Transpect

    XProc 2 Built by @mkraetke @gimsieke @polypunkt @grolewsk @kweidner
  15. PDF to EPUB3 Fixed Layout converter

    XProc 2 Built by @mkraetke
  16. depify - xproc package metada repository

    XProc 2 3 Built by @depify @JamFuller @xquery @ndw
  17. The XProc test suite

    XProc 2 4 Built by @ndw @xml-project @vojtechtoman
  18. XProc various inputs and samples

    XProc 2 Built by @innovimax
  19. A pipeline to generate RDF metadata from full text resources using Named Entity Recognition

    XProc 1 Built by @Conal-Tuohy
  20. XProc library to run graphviz tools to generate svg

    XProc 1 Built by @apb2006
  21. XForms based form manager

    XProc 1 6 Built by @intalioorg @veresh @hellonico @vrayabhari @jainankit0312
  22. Transform XProc source by adding default and step linking data

    XProc 1 Built by @apb2006
  23. Master's Thesis: Developing a Solution for Multimedia Home Networking

    XProc 1 Built by @liupengking1 @yunfengHe
  24. XForms based form manager

    XProc 1 6 Built by @intalioorg @veresh @hellonico @vrayabhari @jainankit0312
  25. code snippet collection

    XProc 1 Built by @neumanrq
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