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  1. Deployment tool for MarkLogic applications. Also provides optional unit test and XQuery MVC structure

    XQuery 75 66 Built by @dmcassel @grtjn @paxtonhare @RobertSzkutak @rhdunn
  2. relators

    XQuery 62 23 Built by @ntra00 @kefo @kirkhess @ajs6f @danizen
  3. An XQuery test framework for MarkLogic

    XQuery 47 22 Built by @robwhitby @mblakele @richardwilly98 @malteseduck @navdeepsekhon
  4. Community REST API for MarkLogic

    XQuery 38 10 Built by @ryangrimm @eedeebee @dscape
  5. All the Stanford DB class exercises summarized together

    XQuery 36 24 Built by @yangchenyun
  6. xquerydoc - generate XQuery API documentation from your source code comments

    XQuery 34 5 Built by @xquery @jpcs @apb2006 @rhdunn @garyvidal
  7. XQuery Commons

    XQuery 33 19 Built by @eedeebee @hunterhacker @ryanjdew @ryangrimm @grtjn
  8. RXQ - provides a set of XQuery annotations which expose RESTful services in MarkLogic.

    XQuery 27 9 Built by @xquery @cfoster @robwhitby @joewiz @JamFuller
  9. Get things done with the MarkLogic Task Server

    XQuery 26 4 Built by @mblakele
  10. XQuery and Java tools for working with semantic tuples stored in MarkLogic Server

    XQuery 21 7 Built by @eedeebee
  11. Reference implementation of FOXpath 3.0, an extended version of XPath 3.0 supporting file system navigation.

    XQuery 20 Built by @hrennau
  12. An implementation of the promise pattern, as well as fork-join async processing for XQuery 3.1

    XQuery 20 3 Built by @james-jw @LukasK @mgaerber
  13. An XQuery module with functions for parsing and serializing JSON

    XQuery 19 7 Built by @joewiz @adamretter @peterstadler @ljo @Albicocca
  14. XQuery library module for updating XML in memory

    XQuery 19 3 Built by @ryanjdew @joewiz
  15. Higher-Order XQuery Modules

    XQuery 19 9 Built by @LeoWoerteler
  16. Minimal templating with {{mustache}} in XQuery

    XQuery 18 8 Built by @dscape
  17. "Retouched" version of JMdict in JSON format

    XQuery 17 3 Built by @scriptin
  18. A framework for Oxygen XML Editor allowing researchers to transcribe historical documents in TEI

    XQuery 16 3 Built by @odaata @mhkuu @mosangor
  19. dbclass homework

    XQuery 16 21 Built by @sumeetsk
  20. An appetizing hybrid of XQuery and XSLT

    XQuery 15 1 Built by @evanlenz
  21. Pronounced "Squirrel" - An XQuery based rails framework for rapid application development

    XQuery 15 7 Built by @garyvidal @xquery @tianxchen
  22. An implementation of the TEI Simple ODD extensions for processing models in XQuery.

    XQuery 15 9 Built by @wolfgangmm @joewiz @tuurma @mathias-goebel
  23. XQuery 3.0 higher order functions helper library

    XQuery 13 1 Built by @jpcs
  24. Content and Human Centric Workflow for MarkLogic NoSQL systems

    XQuery 13 10 Built by @adamfowleruk @steliann
  25. An extensible transformation library for XQuery 3.0

    XQuery 12 2 Built by @jpcs
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