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  1. tobykurien / Xtendroid

    Android library for productive Android development using Xtend

    Xtend • Built by @tobykurien @Buggaboo @svenefftinge @xfer @oehme

  2. xtext / xtend-gradle-plugin

    Deprecated, please see the xtext-gradle-plugin instead

    Xtend • Built by @oehme @viphe @garyp @johnjohndoe

  3. svenefftinge / xtendfx

    JavaFX on steroids with Eclipse Xtend

    Xtend • Built by @tomsontom @svenefftinge @JanKoehnlein @dhuebner @jmini

  4. xtext / maven-xtext-example

    An Xtext language and example usage of it built with Maven

    Xtend • Built by @svenefftinge @dhuebner @vorburger @oehme @stoll-it

  5. oehme / xtend-contrib

    Provides commonly requested features that are too controversial for the Xtend core library

    Xtend • Built by @oehme @szarnekow @vladdu @rzymek

  6. Guite / MostGenerator

    Transformation cartridges for generating Zikula modules and other artifacts from ModuleStudio models.

    Xtend • Built by @Guite @gfr @cmfcmf @drummer3333 @bitdeli-chef

  7. tobykurien / Sparkler

    Sparkler is an attempt to bring developer-friendliness to Java web development by using Rails/Sinatra-style Java libraries/frameworks together with Xtend to provide syntactic sugar and other fun language features (like extension methods and lambdas).

    Xtend • Built by @tobykurien @corneil

  8. xtext / xtext-gradle-plugin

    Gradle plugins for using Xtext and Xtend

    Xtend • Built by @oehme @franzbecker @svenefftinge

  9. rzymek / java2xtend

    Java to Xtend conversion

    Java • Built by @rzymek @gzsombor @rsmith72

  10. xtext / auto-gwt

    A set of Active Annotations for GWT.

    Xtend • Built by @akosyakov @svenefftinge @oehme @arthurc @xtext-dev

  11. tobykurien / WebApps

    Android app to provide sandboxed (private) browsing of webapps

    Xtend • Built by @tobykurien @RyDroid

  12. dragos / typesafe-config-eclipse

    An Eclipse plugin for Typesafe Config files

    Xtend • Built by @dragos @LupusUmbrae

  13. blueneogeo / xtend-tools

    Some nice tools and Xtend extensions that make life with Xtend better

    Xtend • Built by @blueneogeo @florisvdg @estebanlll @szarnekow

  14. uqbar-project / wollok

    Wollok Programming Language

    Xtend • Built by @javierfernandes @tesonep @npasserini @PalumboN @Juancete

  15. danieldietrich / xtext-protected-regions

    Xtext Protected Regions

    Xtend • Built by @danieldietrich @ceefour

  16. splondike / polipoid

    Android wrapper for the polipo proxy

    Xtend • Built by @splondike

  17. plugback / jpa

    Type safe JPA queries using Xtend

    Xtend • Built by @salvatoreromeo

  18. svenefftinge / jsonized

    A simple statically-typed way to access JSON Data from Java

    Xtend • Built by @svenefftinge @gzsombor @andrask @oehme

  19. wwu-pi / md2-framework

    MD2 – Model-driven Mobile Development

    Xtend • Built by @Dexter-03 @maltemoeser @soeren123 @riegerchris @CarolinGuelpen

  20. blueneogeo / xtend-async

    Promises and Java8 / RXJava like streaming for Xtend

    Xtend • Built by @florisvdg @estebanlll @blueneogeo

  21. prof7bit / wallet-key-tool

    edit the contents of bitcoin wallet files (add/remove keys, import/export in different formats, move keys between different wallets)

    Xtend • Built by @prof7bit

  22. gzsombor / logging-annotation

    Simple active annotation for Xtend, which automaticly generate helper methods for logging

    Xtend • Built by @gzsombor

  23. oehme / sobula

    Gradle plugins to automate the release of Java projects

    Xtend • Built by @oehme @kuniss

  24. codepoke / util-xtend-gdx

    Active Annotations which can be used for LibGDX & Artemis

    Xtend • Built by @gjroelofs @Cr0vv

  25. mvvvv / DocXtend

    Xtend annotations to create object builders

    Xtend • Built by @mvvvv @mvvv


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