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  1. PHP Web framework powered by Zephir & delivered as a C-extension

    Zephir 44 4 Built by @ovr @ufocoder @gitter-badger
  2. Lynx

    Zephir 27 10 Built by @ovr @tmihalik @Green-Cat @andresgutierrez
  3. 🐼 Client for Beanstalk delivered as a C-extension for PHP

    Zephir 23 1 Built by @sergeyklay
  4. 一个高性能的php框架

    Zephir 20 5 Built by @dangcheng
  5. Celastica is elasticsearch client writen in Zephir.

    Zephir 6 5
  6. Experient of Zephir to generate a PHP extension with some CakePHP classes (for performance)

    Zephir 6 3 Built by @jrbasso
  7. OrientDB binary extension for PHP written in Zephir

    Zephir 6 Built by @hugohiram
  8. PHP Extension used by Hoard Applications for low-level system interaction

    Zephir 6 4 Built by @marcqualie @outrunthewolf
  9. Html filter extension written in Zephir

    Zephir 4 3 Built by @bolovsky
  10. PHP Extension to read/write excel files

    Zephir 3 2 Built by @alkana
  11. Another PHP extension for communicating with handlersocket

    Zephir 3 2 Built by @crocodile2u
  12. The Symfony's Stopwatch Component in C

    Zephir 3 2 Built by @john-ko @brikou
  13. A PHP framework for web development

    Zephir 3 2 Built by @hylent
  14. Accelleratii Framework - This is an experiment of porting some classes from Symfony Components to a PHP extension using Zephir Language.

    Zephir 2 1 Built by @marciopaiva
  15. Nuclear Reactor written in zephir for php

    Zephir 2 Built by @chinkei
  16. The Symfony's Asset Component To C

    Zephir 2 Built by @chinkei
  17. Basic implementation of yEnc specification for in memory encoding/decoding.

    Zephir 2 1 Built by @niel
  18. extension of yii 2, speed up for it

    Zephir 2 1 Built by @fightingbamboo
  19. Drupal + Zephir

    Zephir 2 2 Built by @ivanboring
  20. Zephir 1 Built by @3axap4eHko
  21. Zephir 1 1 Built by @aaroncox
  22. Small extension to get stuff out of php somewhere

    Zephir 1 Built by @bolovsky
  23. zephir framework

    Zephir 1 1 Built by @imadige
  24. Zephir 1 1 Built by @Myleft @dreamsxin
  25. Compiled C extension for PHP which provides the core Scale Framework functionality

    Zephir 1 Built by @cyrrill
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