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  1. Modifications to Google Chromium for removing Google integration and enhancing privacy, control, and transparency

    Python 4,887 185 Built by @Eloston @LeFroid @squalus @seppiofish @tectiv3 878 stars today
  2. How to create an OS from scratch

    C 7,297 647 Built by @cfenollosa @Ghifari160 @ariisboss @sapsaldog @erginbilgin 643 stars today
  3. All Algorithms implemented in Python

    Python 10,099 3,127 Built by @harshildarji @dynamitechetan @christianbender @daniel-s-ingram @cclauss 606 stars today
  4. GraphQL editor - visual node editor for GraphQL

    TypeScript 1,520 36 Built by @aexol @c-rack 434 stars today
  5. 2018/2019/校招/春招/秋招/算法/机器学习(Machine Learning)/深度学习(Deep Learning)/自然语言处理(NLP)/C/C++/Python/面试笔记

    Python 3,228 789 Built by @imhuay @wendingp 369 stars today
  6. Concurrent data pipelines made easy

    Python 382 8 Built by @cgarciae @0xflotus 347 stars today
  7. 📦 Module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices.

    HTML 1,137 63 Built by @bevacqua @jbillingORM @stepquick @nanbarber @arackaf 309 stars today
  8. 📻 Webserver for downloading youtube videos. Ready for docker.

    JavaScript 701 55 Built by @Algram @austinpray @ahnick 257 stars today
  9. A paper list of object detection using deep learning.

    798 209 Built by @hoya012 231 stars today
  10. 📡 An AX.25 packet radio chat protocol with support for digital signatures and binary compression. Like IRC over radio waves. 〰

    TypeScript 245 9 Built by @brannondorsey @brycied00d 227 stars today
  11. 💻 📱 A realtime Database for the Web

    JavaScript 7,564 332 Built by @pubkey @greenkeeper @salomonelli @rdworth @ihadeed 202 stars today
  12. Mono-repository of ~50 TypeScript/ES6 projects for modern web development

    TypeScript 550 26 Built by @postspectacular @jarvismartin @andrew8er @forresto @rgtk 176 stars today
  13. a cheat-sheet for mathematical notation in code form

    8,827 508 Built by @mattdesl @nshen @0xflotus @cbrown132 @asmeurer 159 stars today
  14. Open Machine Learning course, both in English and Russian

    Python 2,227 1,724 Built by @Yorko @festline @McKenzyPG @vfdev-5 @Asmolovskij 147 stars today
  15. An efficient, small mobile key-value storage framework developed by WeChat. Works on iOS and Android.

    C++ 2,000 132 Built by @lingol @jundian @0xflotus 142 stars today
  16. Correlate data between domains, IPs and email addresses, present it as a graph and store everything into Elasticsearch and JSON files.

    Python 256 35 Built by @woj-ciech @0xflotus 133 stars today
  17. List of date-fns or native functions which you can use to replace moment.js + ESLint Plugin

    JavaScript 5,282 101 Built by @stevemao @ddvkid @cht8687 @justjavac @ODudek 130 stars today
  18. A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP. libcurl offers a myriad of powerful features

    C 9,977 2,539 Built by @bagder @yangtse @captain-caveman2k @dfandrich @gknauf 129 stars today
  19. Laravel Health Panel

    PHP 806 73 Built by @antonioribeiro @marktopper @Omranic @0xflotus @Assada 127 stars today
  20. Create Siri Shortcuts with Python

    Python 175 2 Built by @alexander-akhmetov 120 stars today
  21. A curated list of practical tips and tricks to help you achieve an awesome CS master thesis [WIP] - contributions are welcome

    169 11 Built by @ocean1 @perlatsp 115 stars today
  22. Papers with code. Sorted by stars. Updated weekly.

    4,192 236 Built by @zziz @adilek @pranv @BruceZhe @SaviourSelf 113 stars today
  23. A Vim-inspired note-taking application that knows programmers and Markdown better.

    C++ 2,904 273 Built by @tamlok @xianzhon @NoCLin @Erk- @AlbinZhang 112 stars today
  24. A modern editor with a backend written in Rust.

    Rust 14,305 488 Built by @cmyr @raphlinus @trishume @scholtzan @dtolnay 111 stars today
  25. An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

    C++ 110,335 67,863 Built by @tensorflower-gardener @caisq @benoitsteiner @vrv @gunan 79 stars today
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