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Frequently asked questions

My blocks suddenly disappeared! Where is my content?

You may have renamed or removed some blocks, or they just stopped working because of another exception. Anyway, go to Settings > Multiple content blocks and check "Show inactive blocks".

This allows you to retrieve content of the blocks that became inactive for all possible reasons.

Show inactive blocks

I get the following error: "Your server doesn't allow remote HTTP requests using wp_remote_get. You will have to visit this page manually to update which blocks are used on each page.". What should I do?

Multiple content blocks checks to see what blocks you want to use by visiting that page and initializing what blocks are requested. Because you just visit the page in the admin panel, it makes an HTTP request to visit the front end programmatically. When something went wrong with this, it returns the error.

Fix this by going to Settings > Multiple content blocks and disabling HTTP requests. You will have to visit a page manually to refresh the blocks.

Disable HTTP requests

For more information about the WordPress function we use to do this:

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