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Previously Rainier UI Icons
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Trenta Icons, previously Rainier UI Icons

Trenta Icons is the icon theme crafted by It is uses modern, clean and sleek design standards to brighten up the Linux desktop experience and giving it a premium polish.

Installing Trenta Icons in Ubuntu-based Distro

To install this icon set on an Ubuntu based Linux distro, run the following commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:trentaos-team/rainier

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install rainier-icon-theme

Installing Trenta Icons in Arch

Trenta icons are now in the AUR as rainier-ui-icons-git!

Installing Trenta Icons in Other Distros

We would love to have Trenta icon packages made for other distros too! If you have the skills, please let us know!


Original Designs by @KevDoy

Additional Credits

  • gnome-characters.svg - Emoji's by Google - noto-emoji - released under Apache-2.0
  • Input Method/Flag icon uses "THE OFFICIAL PROPOSAL" of the Earth Flag by Oskar Pernefeldt
  • Transmission Icon based on official Transmission macOS app



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