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Openframeworks/ios addon for DropBox sdk-
Objective-C C C++
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Openframeworks/ios addon (tested with OF 0073, Xcode 4.3.1/4.4, ios 5.1/6) for the DropBox sdk-

Example shows how to upload and download files. All uploads and downloads are queued, so you can add multiple at once.

How to setup DropBox SDK in Xcode

Original dropbox ios tutorial:

  1. create a dropbox app on
  2. download the dropbox sdk:
    • once downloaded, drag and drop the 'DropboxSDK.framework' onto your OF xcode project
    • make sure you check the 'copy items into destination group's folder' checkbox.
  3. add the 'Security.framework' to your OF xcode project
    • Under TARGETS > ofxDropBoxExample, under the 'Build Phases' tab, where it says 'Link binary with libraries', click '+' and select the 'Security.framework'.
  4. copy your dropbox app key + secret from dropbox website
  5. Edit the ofxiphone-info.plist in your OF xcode project (right click open as source code)
    • make sure the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend is set to false
    • Add the 'plist code' below at the top after the first tag and replace 'db-APP_KEY' with your app key eg. 'db-n0vfoe7o3a5bmtz'.
  6. If testing with the ofxDropBoxExample project. Remember to copy 'test.jpg' to your DropBox/Apps/YourApp folder otherwise the download won't work.
  7. That should be it. See the example testApp to see how to connect, upload, and download using ofxDropBox.

plist code

// ofxiphone-info.plist

Sample usage

// setup
ofxDropBox* dropBox = new ofxDropBox(); 
string appKey = "APP_KEY"; 
string appSecret = "APP_SECRET";
dropBox->startSession(appKey, appSecret);
if(!dropBox->isAuthenticated) dropBox->linkAccount();

// download file from your dropbox to phone

// upload from phone data folder to dropbox

See example project for usage.

-Trent Brooks

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