Openframeworks GUI addon for remote controlling stuff from iPhone or iPad through OSC. Works with desktop as well.
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Openframeworks addon (v0.8 ios and osx). It's basically just another GUI, but geared more towards remote controlling stuff from iPhone or iPad through OSC (works with desktop). Also allows to save fixed variables, listen to events, save to XML, and reset GUI values.

It's kind of like Memo's ofxSimpleGuiToo and the Processing library controlP5, but with OSC control and underwhelming gradient fills. It's also handy for creating inidividual UI elements on their own, eg. image buttons for different screens.

Includes slider, dropdown list, button/image button, toggle button, text/title fields, input text (ios only atm), and general variables. All items can be custom positioned/sized on creation. Colours, fonts, etc can be changed. Settings can be saved to XML. Values can be sent via OSC.

Running the ofxTouchGUIExampleIOS on iPhone and the ofxTouchGUIExample on desktop simultaneously will result in a synced GUI. Just enter the correct ip address in each project.

Ubuntu and windows user's will need to rename the file's from .mm to .cpp, or just use the project generator to when creating project with ofxTouchGUI.

Sample usage

// setup
ofxTouchGUI settings;

// add a slider (auto positioned)
settings.addSlider("SLIDER X", &someValue, 0.0f, 1.0f); // label, value, min, max
// or custom position and size
settings.addSlider("SLIDER X", &someValue, 0.0f, 1.0f, 20, 115, 200, 35); // label, value, min, max

// add an image button with event listener
ofxTouchGUIButton* imageBtn = settings.addButton("MY IMAGE BUTTON", 225, 75, 74, 35); // label, value, x, y, width, height
imageBtn->loadImageStates("play-up.png", "play-down.png"); // touch down and up images
ofAddListener(imageBtn->onChangedEvent, this, &ofApp::onImageButtonPressed); // bind a function in ofApp to the element

// enable osc
settings.setupSendOSC("", 4444);

// add variables or constants (not for display, good for configs, etc.)
settings.setConstant("myConstant", &someConstant);
settings.setVariable("myVar", &someVar);

// or add variables for display
settings.addVarText("Mouse X", &mouseX); 
settings.addVarText("Mouse Y", &mouseY);

See example files for more detailed code samples.

Openframeworks addons required

  • ofxOsc (in addons folder)

-Trent Brooks