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Algorithmically generated laser show for ILDA laser displays.
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Algorithmically generated laser show. Utilizes openFrameworks and addon ofxLaser.

Behind The Scenes

At the core of this display is a B-Spline controlled by points that move freely around the inside of a sphere. The gif below is a demo showing the spline in purple and toggling the display of the control polygon (green) and the boundary (red). The portion of the boundary that we're really looking is a cross section at z = 0.


The spline is rotated around an axis at a constant rate. The axis itself initializes in a random location and drifts. In the gif below you can see the boundary slice through z=0 be rotated along with the spline. I had to locally modify OpenFramework's ofPolyline scale() function to take scaling in the Z-axis for the spline to not collapse when rotated.


  • Smooth rotation of spline.
  • Rotation rate and rotation axis drift driven by audio BPM
  • Dampen control point bounces off sphere boundary.

Local Mods

I made a few changes to local repositories that I've checked out.

  • Added rotateQuat() for ofPolyline -> Issue
  • Added Z-axis component support to ofPolyline's scale().
  • ofxTinyspline was forked a long time ago, I just replaced the four core files with updated versions.
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