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a command-line script and Python module for working with text file end-of-line (EOL) characters
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eol is both a command-line script eol and a Python module eol for working with end-of-line chars in text files.

This project lives here:


To install in your Python's global site-packages use one of the following:

pip install eol
pypm install eol   # if you use ActivePython (

But you use a virtualenv, right? If so, then use one of the following:

pip -E path/to/env install eol
pypm -E path/to/env install eol

Command-line examples

List the EOL-style of given paths:

$ eol *.txt
foo_cr.txt: Mac Classic (CR)
foo_crlf.txt: Windows (CRLF)
foo_empty.txt: No EOLs
foo_lf.txt: Unix (LF)
foo_mixed.txt: Mixed, predominantly Unix (LF)


$ eol -r ~/src/redis
/Users/trentm/src/redis/.gitignore: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/BETATESTING.txt: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/BUGS: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/COPYING: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/zmalloc.h: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/.git/HEAD: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/.git/config: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/client-libraries/README: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/design-documents/REDIS-CLUSTER: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/doc/AppendOnlyFileHowto.html: Unix (LF)
/Users/trentm/src/redis/doc/AuthCommand.html: Unix (LF)

Find files with the given EOL-style:

$ eol -f dos -x .svn -r ~/src/python

Convert files to a given EOL-style:

$ eol ~/src/python/Tools/msi/
/Users/trentm/src/python/Tools/msi/ Windows (CRLF)
$ eol -c cr ~/src/python/Tools/msi/

# But who really wants CR (aka Mac Classic, '\r') EOLs.
# "native" is an alias for the EOL-style native to the current platform
$ eol -c native ~/src/python/Tools/msi/
converted `/Users/trentm/src/python/Tools/msi/' to LF EOLs
$ eol ~/src/python/Tools/msi/
/Users/trentm/src/python/Tools/msi/ Unix (LF)

Module examples

List the EOL-style of given paths:

>>> import eol, glob
>>> for path in glob.glob("*.txt")
>>> for path in glob.glob("*.txt"):
...   print path, eol.eol_info_from_path(path)
foo_cr.txt ('\r', '\r')         # (<detected-eols>, <suggested-eols>)
foo_crlf.txt ('\r\n', '\r\n')
foo_empty.txt (None, '\n')      # suggests the native EOL for empty content
foo_lf.txt ('\n', '\n')
foo_mixed.txt (<class 'eol.MIXED'>, '\n')


>>> for i in eol.eol_info_from_path_patterns(["/Users/trentm/src/redis"], recursive=True): print i
('/Users/trentm/src/redis/.gitignore', '\n', '\n')
('/Users/trentm/src/redis/BETATESTING.txt', '\n', '\n')
('/Users/trentm/src/redis/BUGS', '\n', '\n')
('/Users/trentm/src/redis/COPYING', '\n', '\n')

Convert files to a given EOL-style:

>>> path = "/Users/trentm/src/python/Tools/msi/"
>>> eol.eol_info_from_path(path)
('\r\n', '\r\n')
>>> eol.convert_path_eol(path, "\n")
>>> eol.eol_info_from_path(path)
('\n', '\n')
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