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eol Changelog

eol 0.7.6 (not yet released)

  • ensure test/*.doctests are in the sdist

eol 0.7.5

  • [Issue #3] Add "dos", "windows" and "unix" aliases for specifying an eol style. E.g. can now do eol -c dos foo.bat to convert to DOS-style EOLs.
  • [Issue #4] Fix a few Python 3 compat issues, add some more test cases.

eol 0.7.4

  • Python 3 support (not heavily tested yet)
  • Starter test suite

eol 0.7.3

  • Switch to optparse for option processing. Benefit is that you can have options after the "FILE" argument(s).

eol 0.7.2

  • Fix error with eol -h (jeesh).

eol 0.7.1

  • Add a 'mk cut_a_release' task to help with releases.
  • Fix issue #1: spelling of "predominantly". Thanks userd on reddit!

eol 0.7.0

  • Fix main for setuptools/distribute entry points.
  • Fix handling of dir symlinks for eol -f ....
  • Pull out into separate project at

eol 0.6.0

(Started maintaining this log 6 May 2010. This was the state of in my personal "sandbox/tools" area before pulling out to this project.)