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CLI and (light) shell for Jira
Python Shell
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A Jira shell. Show a ticket. Create an issue. List projects. That sort of thing.

Getting Started

Get jirash:

$ cd ~/opt      # or whereever
$ git clone

Put the following in your "~/.bashrc". The bash completion is just for sub-commands. It doesn't support completing options or sub-commands arguments.

alias jirash='$HOME/opt/jirash/bin/jirash'      # or whatever
complete -C 'jirash --bash-completion' jirash   # bash completion

First you need a config file with Jira URL and auth info:

$ cat ~/.jirash.json
  "jira_url": "",
  "": {
    "username": "joe.blow",
    "password": "secret"

Then use it. Note that the help output here is probably a little out of date (i.e. there are probably more supported commands in the latest).

$ jirash help
    jirash COMMAND [ARGS...]
    jirash help [COMMAND]

    -h, --help          show this help message and exit
    --version           show version and exit
    -d, --debug         debug logging
    -J JIRA_URL, --jira-url=JIRA_URL
                        Jira base URL. Otherwise defaults to 'jira_url' value
                        from config file.

    createissue    Create a new issue.
    help (?)       give detailed help on a specific sub-command
    issue          Get an issue.
    issuetypes     Get an issue types (e.g. bug, task, ...).
    projects       List projects (excluding "Archived" projects).
    versions       Get available versions for the given project.

$ jirash projects
KEY         NAME                              LEAD
DOC         DOC: Documentation                philip
TOOLS       TOOLS: Tools and Extras           trent.mick

$ jirash issues TOOLS-90
TOOLS-90: Add a distclean target (mark.cavage -> trent.mick, Improvem...)

$ jirash TOOLS-90     # shortcut
TOOLS-90: Add a distclean target (mark.cavage -> trent.mick, Improvem...)

$ jirash createissue TOOLS
Summary: Foo is broken
Assignee (blank for default, 'me' for yourself): me
Description (use '.' on a line by itself to finish):
created: TOOLS-157: Foo is broken (trent.mick -> trent.mick, Bug, Normal, Open)

$ jirash filters
ID     AUTHOR           NAME
10325  trent.mick       RELENG: open issues
10389  trent.mick       TOOLS: open issues
10183  trent.mick       trent.mick: open issues
10104  trent.mick       trent.mick: reported issues

# Here "TOOLS" matches the "TOOLS: open issues" saved filter.
$ jirash issues -f TOOLS
TOOLS-150    Normal    Open      New Feature  linda       trent.mick  add sdc-vminfo to operator tools
TOOLS-143    Normal    Open      Bug          laurel      orlando     Be more tolerant of the location of the VirtualSystem location


Configuration is via a JSON file at "~/.jirash.json". Example:

  "jira_url": "",
  "": {
    "username": "joe.blow",
    "password": "secret"
  "open_status_names": ["Open", "In Progress", "Reopened", "Foo"]

The possible config vars are:

  • jira_url The base Jira URL. This or jirash -J <jira-url> ... is required.
  • $jira_url.username Required. The Jira username with which to auth.
  • $jira_url.password Required. The password for the given Jira username.
  • open_status_names Optional. A list of jira status names that correspond to the issue being "open". This is used for the "-o, --open" option to jirash issues ....
  • createissue_no_browse. Set this to true to not open a newly created issue in the browser as part of jirash createissue. IOW, this is a substitute for the "-B, --no-browse" option.
  • createissue_use_editor. Set this to true to have jirash createissue use your $EDITOR to edit the issue summary (title) and description instead of prompting on stdin.


MIT. See the LICENSE.txt file.

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