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json (aka jsontool) Changelog

json v1.3.1

  • Make "jsontool" require'able as a module. For example, you can now:

    $ npm install jsontool
    $ node
    > var jsontool = require('jsontool')
    > jsontool.parseLookup('a.b.c')
    [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ]
    > jsontool.parseLookup('my-key.0["bar"]')
    [ 'my-key', '0', '["bar"]' ]
    > jsontool.main(['', '', '--help'])
    Usage: <something generating JSON on stdout> | json [options] [lookup]

    Currently other exported API is experimental and will likely change to be more generally useful (e.g. the current processDatum isn't all handy for module usage).

    Note: For command-line usage, the main module has moved from "json" to "lib/jsontool.js". So, if you are not using npm, you can setup the json command via something like:

      alias json='.../json/lib/jsontool.js'

json v1.3.0

  • package.json and publish to npm as "jsontool" ("json" name is taken)
  • Add experimental support for '*' in the lookup. This will extract all the elements of an array. Examples:

      $ echo '["a", "b", "c"]' | json -x '*'
      $ echo '[{"one": "un"}, {"two": "deux"}]' | json -x '*'
        "one": "un"
        "two": "deux"
      $ echo '[{"foo": "bar"}, {"foo": "baz"}]' | json -x '*.foo'

    This is still experimental because I want to feel it out (is it useful? does it cause problems for regular usage?) and it is incomplete. The second example above shows that with '*', json can emit multiple JSON documents. json needs to change to support accepting multiple JSON documents.

    Also, a limitation: How to extract multiple fields from a list of objects? Is this even a necessary feature? Thinking out loud:

      '*.{name,version}'      # a la bash. Josh likes it. What else do you need?
  • Add '-x|--experimental' option to turn on incomplete/experimental features.

json v1.2.1

  • [issue #12] Fix handling of output when result of lookup is undefined.

json v1.2.0

  • [issue #10] Fix for node v0.5.

json v1.1.9

  • [Issue 8] Don't emit a newline for empty output.

json v1.1.8

  • [Issue 7] Handle "HTTP/1.1 100 Continue" leading header block.
  • [Issue 4] Add a man page (using ronnjs).

json v1.1.7

  • [Issue 5] Fix getting a key with a period. E.g.:

    echo '{"": 42}' | json '[""]'

    json is now doing much better lookup string parsing. Because escapes are now handled properly you can do the equivalent a little more easily:

      $ echo '{"": 42}' | json foo\\.bar

json v1.1.6

  • [Issue 6] Error exit value if invalid JSON.

json v1.1.4

  • [Issue 2] Fix bracket notation: echo '{"foo-bar": "baz"}' | json '["foo-bar"]'

(Started maintaining this log 19 March 2011. For earlier change information you'll have to dig into the commit history.)

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