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  • edit support: $ json -e foo=bar { "foo": "bar" } $ echo '{"foo": "bar"}' | json -e foo=baz { "foo": "baz" } jsawk is especially nice ( Jsawk-y version here would be: $ echo '{"foo": "bar"}' | json -e '"baz"' { "foo": "baz" }

    Think about conditionals as well. There is json-command ( but I'm having difficulty groking that.

      -c "js conditional"   js conditional to be run in the context of each object that determines whether an object is printed
      -C                    print the output fields as tab delimited columns in the order specified by fields
      -e "js expression"    execute arbitrary js in the context of each object.

    Yup that works:

      $ echo '{"foo": "bar"}' | json -e '"baz"'
        "foo": "baz"
      $ echo '{"age": 38}' | json -e 'this.age++'
        "age": 39
      $ echo '{"age": 38}' | json -c 'this.age > 30'
        "age": 38
      $ echo '[{"age":38}, {"age":21}]' | json -c 'this.age > 30'
        "age": 38
      # or this (???):
          "age": 38
  • The JSON syntax error sucks because it doesn't show where in the document the syntax error is. Sometimes it is hard to find.

    json: error: doesn't look like JSON: SyntaxError: Unexpected token { (buffer="{...

    Compare to Python's json module:

      ValueError: Expecting : delimiter: line 7 column 18 (char 216)

    Is the error location on the JSON exception object? Don't think so. Consider using: or the equivalent use of jshint for better error reporting.

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