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# Files, Vars, etc.
JSSTYLE_FILES := $(shell find lib test -name "*.js")
# Targets
npm install
npm install
git submodule update --init
# Ensure json.js and package.json have the same version.
.PHONY: versioncheck
@echo version is: $(shell cat package.json | lib/json.js version)
[[ `cat package.json | lib/json.js version` == `grep '^## ' | head -1 | awk '{print $$3}'` ]]
[[ `cat package.json | lib/json.js version` == `grep '^var VERSION' lib/json.js | awk -F"'" '{print $$2}'` ]]
.PHONY: docs
@[[ `which ronn` ]] || (echo "No 'ronn' on your PATH. Install with 'gem install ronn'" && exit 2)
mkdir -p man/man1
ronn --style=toc --manual="json tool manual" --date=$(shell git log -1 --pretty=format:%cd --date=short) --roff --html docs/json.1.ronn
mv docs/json.1 man/man1/json.1
python -c 'import sys; h = open("docs/json.1.html").read(); h = h.replace(".mp dt.flush {float:left;width:8ex}", ""); open("docs/json.1.html", "w").write(h)'
python -c 'import sys; h = open("docs/json.1.html").read(); h = h.replace("</body>", """<a href=""><img style="position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; border: 0;" src="" alt="Fork me on GitHub"></a></body>"""); open("docs/json.1.html", "w").write(h)'
@echo "# test with 'man ./man/man1/json.1' and 'open ./docs/json.1.html'"
.PHONY: publish
mkdir -p tmp
[[ -d tmp/json-gh-pages ]] || git clone tmp/json-gh-pages
cd tmp/json-gh-pages && git checkout gh-pages && git pull --rebase origin gh-pages
cp docs/json.1.html tmp/json-gh-pages/index.html
(cd tmp/json-gh-pages \
&& git commit -a -m "publish latest docs" \
&& git push origin gh-pages || true)
.PHONY: test testall
test: node_modules/.bin/nodeunit
(cd test && make test)
testall: node_modules/.bin/nodeunit
(cd test && make testall)
.PHONY: cutarelease
cutarelease: versioncheck
./tools/ -f package.json -f lib/json.js
# Update the embedded minified "function json_parse" in lib/json.js.
.PHONY: update_json_parse
update_json_parse: deps/JSON-js/json_parse.js node_modules/.bin/uglifyjs
#---- check
.PHONY: check-jsstyle
check-jsstyle: $(JSSTYLE_FILES)
./tools/jsstyle -o indent=2,doxygen,unparenthesized-return=0,blank-after-start-comment=0,leading-right-paren-ok $(JSSTYLE_FILES)
.PHONY: check
check: check-jsstyle
@echo "Check ok."
.PHONY: prepush
prepush: check testall
@echo "Okay to push."