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SHELL = /bin/sh
# a BSD or GNU style install is required, e.g., /usr/ucb/install on Solaris
INSTALL = install
VERSION = 2.40
PREFIX = /usr/local
prefix = $(PREFIX)
bindir = $(prefix)/bin
mandir = $(prefix)/share/man
SRCFILES = Makefile
@echo Nothing needs to be done
$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/listadmin
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1/listadmin.1
# Note the verbatim backspace in the sed command
env TERM=dumb nroff -man $< | sed -e '/^XXX/d' -e 's/.//g' | uniq > $@.tmp
mv $@.tmp $@
TARFILE = listadmin-$(VERSION).tar.gz
$(TARFILE): $(SRCFILES) listadmin.txt
@rm -rf listadmin-$(VERSION)
mkdir listadmin-$(VERSION)
cp $(SRCFILES) listadmin.txt listadmin-$(VERSION)/
tar cf - listadmin-$(VERSION) | gzip -9 > $(TARFILE)
rm -rf listadmin-$(VERSION)
dist: $(TARFILE)
rm -rf $(TARFILE) listadmin.txt listadmin-$(VERSION)
# for my use only
WWW_DOCS = /hom/kjetilho/www_docs/hacks
publish: dist
cp -p listadmin.txt $(WWW_DOCS)/listadmin.txt
cp -p $(TARFILE) $(WWW_DOCS)/
cp -p $(WWW_DOCS)/listadmin
cp -p $(WWW_DOCS)/
perl -pi -e 's/listadmin(.)\d+\.\d+/listadmin$${1}'$(VERSION)'/g' $(WWW_DOCS)/index.html
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