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feature requests

  • josh: list of ocmmits (history)

    • title h3 for commits page
    • pill nav for all pages? "sources commits ..." along with menulist
    • document and test api endpoint
    • add paging to api endpoint
    • drop viewAddCommit -> viewCommitFromMoCommit
  • josh: list of commits for all repos (TOOLS-25?) GET /api/repos/:repo/commits/:branch GET /api/commit/:id GET /commit/:id New: GET /api/commits/:branch GET /commits/:branch

  • markc: markdown rendering of .markdown|.md|.restdown et al files

  • link a jira ticket name in commit message to the jira URL (i.e. autolinks)

  • search by jira ticket name

  • markc: blame

  • rm: opengrok integration. Or consider cscope (, "since cscope kind of understands JS and C, I wonder how bad it would be to read it's binary database format."

  • rm, josh: Some way to get emails (digests, possibly) for recent/daily commits. Featuritis danger here.

  • andres,trent: gist-like functionality

  • stu: a list of contained branches on a commit would be very nice

  • better molybdenum /api/repos/:repo/commits/:ref API for John Basically want to do equiv of git log fa5ec06..HEAD on a particular branch, where "fa5ec06" is the SHA from a previous release so can get a list of changes for this new release.

high prio

  • no cache headers on content. E.g. all images/css/js pulled everytime! Or is that just express dev mode?


medium prio

  • JEG make check

  • redis caching of commit ids: commit/$id (might be shortcut) = $reponame/$sha1

  • button to add a repo on '/'

  • "POST /api/repos/:repo": Error if repo names don't match. Error if posting with a different repo url.

  • GET /:repo/commits?page=n

  • reserved top-level names: commit, help, api, static, more?

  • refactor stuff out of app.js!

  • back to 'spartan' restdown brand: need to fix the spartan TOC to not overflow perhaps by just naming api endpoints. Then readd this:

    brand: spartan
    logo-color: purple
    logo-font-family: google:Droid Sans, Verdana, sans-serif
    header-font-family: google:Droid Sans, Verdana, sans-serif

nice to haves

  • commit/diff views: get more context, side-by-side diff?
  • webrev-like support? i.e. upload a patch with good viewing tools for pre-commit code review. E.g. 'rm' likes webrev.
  • /help/
  • the POST to existing repo name with different data says 200 but does nothing (wrong)
  • update docs (api doc, sitemap)
  • error reporting for bogus repo: $ echo '{"repository": {"url": "", "name": "eol"}}' | curl http://localhost:3333/api/repos/eol -X POST -d @- led to this in the log: gitExec: code 128: git clone --bare /Users/trentm/tm/hub2/tmp/data/tmp/eol.52297 error: Error cloning repository 'eol' ( to '/Users/trentm/tm/hub2/tmp/data/tmp/eol.52297': Error: fatal: Could not switch to '': No such file or directory
  • redis caching for syntaxHighlight
  • cli client
  • document the following in inline docs: startup: queue up chaingang task to update each repo, then never lose anything on crash might be overkill with lots of repos. Could also have "POST /api/push" with empty "before/after" to force update of the repo. on queue of new 'fetch' task add to fifo of tasks for each repo completion of task removes from the fifo if the fifo has any items, then the repo is 'busy'
  • GET /:repo/blame/:ref/:path
  • GET /:repo/commits/:ref/:path
  • restify
  • sounds like a good fix to me, but it comes with a little nasty reshuffling of n in the textcase/examples. Anyone up for producing a full patch that makes all tests pass? I have a start at this in ~/tm/mustache.js. I've the patched mustache.js locally, but would be good to get it into the core.