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node-amqpsnoop v0.0.1


usage: amqpsnoop [-h host] [-r routekey] [-f filter...]

Snoops AMQP messages sent to routekey using broker . All messages must be JSON-encoded objects. The following options may be specified:

-h host        hostname of AMQP broker to use (default: localhost)

-r routekey    routekey to bind to (default: "#")

-f filter      filter expression to invoke on each message
               Multiple filters may be specified.  Each one is a 
               chunk of JavaScript code to be executed with each 
               message bound to variable "msg".  The message is 
               only printed if all filters return true.

Example: using broker, show all AMQP messages sent to any routing key starting with "ca." and whose "ca_subtype" member is not "ping":

amqpsnoop -h -r "ca.#" -f 'msg.ca_subtype != "ping"'


As an npm package, node-amqpsnoop is installed in the usual way:

  % npm install amqpsnoop


This tool is considered complete, though additional functionality may be added in the future.


This tool should work on all platforms that support node.js. It has been tested on MacOS X 10.6.5 and OpenSolaris based on Illumos build 147.