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bunyan Changelog

bunyan 0.5.0

  • Use 10/20/... instead of 1/2/... for level constant values. Ostensibly this allows for intermediary levels from the defined "trace/debug/..." set. However, that is discouraged. I'd need a strong user argument to add support for easily using alternative levels. Consider using a separate JSON field instead.
  • s/service/name/ for Logger name field. "service" is unnecessarily tied to usage for a service. No need to differ from log4j Logger "name".
  • Add log.level(...) and log.levels(...) API for changing logger stream levels.
  • Add TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL level constants to exports.
  • Add special case for logging an Error instance. For example TypeError("boom") will produce:

      "err": {
        "message": "boom",
        "name": "TypeError",
        "stack": "TypeError: boom\n    at Object.<anonymous> ..."
      "msg": "boom",

bunyan 0.4.0

  • Add new Logger({src: true}) config option to have a 'src' attribute be automatically added to log records with the log call source info. Example:

      "src": {
        "file": "/Users/trentm/tm/node-bunyan/examples/src.js",
        "line": 20,
        "func": "Wuzzle.woos"

bunyan 0.3.0

  • log.child(options[, simple]) Added simple boolean arg. Set true to assert that options only add fields (no config changes). Results in a 10x speed increase in child creation. See "tools/timechild.js". On my Mac, "fast child" creation takes about 0.001ms. IOW, if your app is dishing 10,000 req/s, then creating a log child for each request will take about 1% of the request time.
  • log.clone -> log.child to better reflect the relationship: streams and serializers are inherited. Streams can't be removed as part of the child creation. The child doesn't own the parent's streams (so can't close them).
  • Clean up Logger creation. The goal here was to ensure log.child usage is fast. TODO: measure that.
  • Add Logger.stdSerializers.err serializer which is necessary to get good Error object logging with node 0.6 (where core Error object properties are non-enumerable).

bunyan 0.2.0

  • Spec'ing core/recommended log record fields.
  • Add LOG_VERSION to exports.
  • Improvements to request/response serializations.

bunyan 0.1.0

First release.

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