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bunyan Changelog

bunyan 0.6.0

  • Add 'pid' automatic log record field.

bunyan 0.5.3

  • Add 'client_req' (HTTP client request) standard formatting in bunyan CLI default output.
  • Improve bunyan CLI default output to include all log record keys. Unknown keys are either included in the first line parenthetical (if short) or in the indented subsequent block (if long or multiline).

bunyan 0.5.2

  • [issue #3] More type checking of new Logger(...) and log.child(...) options.
  • Start a test suite.

bunyan 0.5.1

  • [issue #2] Add guard on JSON.stringifying of log records before emission. This will prevent et al throwing on record fields that cannot be represented as JSON. An error will be printed on stderr and a clipped log record emitted with a 'bunyanMsg' key including error details. E.g.:

      bunyan: ERROR: could not stringify log record from /Users/trentm/tm/node-bunyan/examples/unstringifyable.js:12: TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
        "name": "foo",
        "hostname": "banana.local",
        "bunyanMsg": "bunyan: ERROR: could not stringify log record from /Users/trentm/tm/node-bunyan/examples/unstringifyable.js:12: TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON",

    Some timing shows this does effect log speed:

      $ node tools/timeguard.js     # before
      Time try/catch-guard on JSON.stringify:
       -  0.07365ms per iteration
      $ node tools/timeguard.js     # after
      Time try/catch-guard on JSON.stringify:
       -  0.07368ms per iteration

bunyan 0.5.0

  • Use 10/20/... instead of 1/2/... for level constant values. Ostensibly this allows for intermediary levels from the defined "trace/debug/..." set. However, that is discouraged. I'd need a strong user argument to add support for easily using alternative levels. Consider using a separate JSON field instead.
  • s/service/name/ for Logger name field. "service" is unnecessarily tied to usage for a service. No need to differ from log4j Logger "name".
  • Add log.level(...) and log.levels(...) API for changing logger stream levels.
  • Add TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL level constants to exports.
  • Add special case for logging an Error instance. For example TypeError("boom") will produce:

      "err": {
        "message": "boom",
        "name": "TypeError",
        "stack": "TypeError: boom\n    at Object.<anonymous> ..."
      "msg": "boom",

bunyan 0.4.0

  • Add new Logger({src: true}) config option to have a 'src' attribute be automatically added to log records with the log call source info. Example:

      "src": {
        "file": "/Users/trentm/tm/node-bunyan/examples/src.js",
        "line": 20,
        "func": "Wuzzle.woos"

bunyan 0.3.0

  • log.child(options[, simple]) Added simple boolean arg. Set true to assert that options only add fields (no config changes). Results in a 10x speed increase in child creation. See "tools/timechild.js". On my Mac, "fast child" creation takes about 0.001ms. IOW, if your app is dishing 10,000 req/s, then creating a log child for each request will take about 1% of the request time.
  • log.clone -> log.child to better reflect the relationship: streams and serializers are inherited. Streams can't be removed as part of the child creation. The child doesn't own the parent's streams (so can't close them).
  • Clean up Logger creation. The goal here was to ensure log.child usage is fast. TODO: measure that.
  • Add Logger.stdSerializers.err serializer which is necessary to get good Error object logging with node 0.6 (where core Error object properties are non-enumerable).

bunyan 0.2.0

  • Spec'ing core/recommended log record fields.
  • Add LOG_VERSION to exports.
  • Improvements to request/response serializations.

bunyan 0.1.0

First release.

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