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  • "all" or "off" levels? log4j? has NOTSET === 0. I think that is only needed/used for multi-level hierarchical effective level.
  • move custom keys out to 'x' ? What about req, res? Compat issues there? Bunyan CLI would have to deal with both for a while. Just a change in record.v from 0 to 1.
  • buffered writes to increase speed:
    • I'd start with a tools/timeoutput.js for some numbers to compare before/after. Sustained high output to a file.
    • perhaps this would be a "buffered: true" option on the stream object
    • then wrap the "stream" with a local class that handles the buffering
    • to finish this, need the 'log.close' and process.on('exit', ...) work that Trent has started.
  • "canWrite" handling for full streams. Need to buffer a la log4js
  • test file log with logadm rotation: does it handle that?
  • test suite:
    • test for a cloned logger double-stream.end() causing problems. Perhaps the "closeOnExit" for existing streams should be false for clones.
    • test that a log.clone(...) adding a new field matching a serializer works and that an existing field in the parent is not re-serialized.
  • a "rolling-file" stream: but specifically by time, e.g. hourly. (MarkC requested)
  • split out bunyan cli to a "bunyan" or "bunyan-reader" or "node-bunyan-reader" as the basis for tools to consume bunyan logs. It can grow indep of node-bunyan for generating the logs. It would take a Bunyan log record object and be expected to emit it.

          .createReadStream(path, [options]) ?
  • document "well-known" keys from bunyan CLI p.o.v.. Add "client_req".

  • bunyan tool: built in less usage (a la git?) so that I don't have to go through this: bunyan --color master.log | less -R
  • want bunyan -f foo.log a la tail -f


  • More bunyan output formats and filtering features.
  • Think about a bunyan dashboard that supports organizing and viewing logs from multiple hosts and services.
  • Syslog support.
  • A vim plugin (a la ?) to allow browsing (read-only) a bunyan log in rendered form.
  • Some speed comparisons with others to get a feel for Bunyan's speed.
  • remove "rm -rf tmp" when this fixed:
  • what about promoting 'latency' field and making that easier?
  • log.close to close streams and shutdown and this.closed process.on('exit', log.close)
  • bunyan cli: -c COND args a la json
  • bunyan cli: more layouts ( Custom log formats (in config file? in '-f' arg) using printf or hogan.js or whatever. Dap wants field width control for lining up. Hogan.js is probably overkill for this.
  • syslog: Josh uses streams: [ ... { level: "warn", type: "syslog", syslog_facility: "LOG_LOCAL1", // one of the syslog facility defines syslog_pid: true, // syslog logopt "LOG_PID" syslog_cons: false // syslog logopt "LOG_CONS" }
  • bunyan "compact" or "light", '-l'? Something like. Or pehaps this (with color) could be the default, with '-l' for long output. 13:51.340 [src.js:20#Wuzzle.woos] WARN: This wuzzle is woosey.
  • get Mark to show me dtrace provider stuff and consider adding for logging, if helpful.
  • add option to "streams" to take the raw object, not serialized. It would be a good hook for people with custom needs that Bunyan doesn't care about (e.g. or or whatever).
  • serializer req_id that pulls it from req?{req_id: req}, "hi")
  • serializer support:
    • restify-server.js example -> restifyReq ? or have req detect that. That is nicer for the "use all standard ones". Does restify req have anything special?
    • differential HTTP client req/res with server req/res.
  • statsd stream? Think about it.
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