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better pitch for the dtrace support

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## bunyan 0.15.0
- issue #48: Dtrace support! The elevator pitch is you can watch all logging
- from all Bunyan-using process with this:
+ from all Bunyan-using process with something like this:
dtrace -x strsize=4k -qn 'bunyan*:::log-*{printf("%d: %s: %s", pid, probefunc, copyinstr(arg0))}'
- Or get the bunyan CLI to render those:
+ And this can include log levels *below* what the service is actually configured
+ to log. E.g. if the service is only logging at INFO level and you need to see
+ DEBUG log messages, with this you can. Obviously this only works on dtrace-y
+ platforms: Illumos derivatives of SunOS (e.g. SmartOS, OmniOS), Mac, FreeBSD.
+ Or get the bunyan CLI to render logs nicely:
dtrace -x strsize=4k -qn 'bunyan*:::log-*{printf("%s", copyinstr(arg0))}' | bunyan

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