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`bunyan -c COND` is broken #61

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$ echo '{"b": 1}' | bunyan -c 'a == 1'
{"b": 1}
$ bunyan --version
bunyan 0.16.8

Noted on trentm/json#34 (comment)

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'json -g -a' should stream #34


Uh, wait, that example above doesn't indicate brokenness. Bunyan ignores json lines that aren't full Bunyan records: i.e. those that have the requisite fields (v, level, time, msg, et al).

$ echo '{"b": 1}' | bunyan --strict

I.e. that isn't a bunyan log record line.

This shows -c working properly:

$ cat foo.js 
var bunyan = require('./lib/bunyan');
var log = bunyan.createLogger({name: 'foo'});{a: 1}, 'hi');{b: 2}, 'hi');
$ node foo.js 
$ node foo.js | bunyan
[2012-12-02T03:11:44.255Z]  INFO: foo/44759 on banana.local: hi (a=1)
[2012-12-02T03:11:44.256Z]  INFO: foo/44759 on banana.local: hi (b=2)
$ node foo.js | bunyan -c 'this.a'
[2012-12-02T03:11:48.592Z]  INFO: foo/44761 on banana.local: hi (a=1)
$ bunyan --version
bunyan 0.16.8
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