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node-libGeoIP is a Node.js addon that interfaces to libGeoIP, an LGPL'd library available from MaxMind that allows programs to perfrom IP-based geolocation. This addon seeks to provide a minimal but robust interface to libGeoIP. As such, it does not present an asynchronous API (libGeoIP has none, and is either in-memory or of minimal local I/O anyway) and nor does it attempt to horn libGeoIP's simple interfaces into anything more complicated. In short, it is implemented the way you would implement it.


As an addon, node-libGeoIP is installed in the usual way:

  % node-waf configure
  % node-waf build
  % node-waf

It depends on an installation of libGeoIP, available separately.


new libGeoIP(database)

Create a new libGeoIP consumer. database must be a path to a database. For the freely available MaxMind database, this is generally of the form:



Perform a geolocation query for the specified IPv4 address, encoded as a dot-delimited string. If the specified address does not match a record, undefined will be returned. If a record is found, it will be returned as an object with the following fields:

  • longitude is the floating-point longitude
  • latitude is the floating-point latitude

Additionally, the returned object may contain one or more of the following fields:

  • country_code is the two letter country code of the matching country
  • country_code3 is the three letter country code of the matching country
  • continent_code is the two letter continent code
  • country is the name of the matching country
  • region is the name of the matching region. For the US this is the state name; for Canada this is the province name; for other countries it is the FIPS 10-4 subcountry code.
  • postal_code is a string containing the postal code (if US or Canada)
  • area_code is the telephone area code (if US or Canada)
  • metro_code is the metro-area code (if US)